Be sure to watch Sean tonight


Oh crap! It’s my buddy Dan’s Bday. And I forgot! Doh! :persevere:




With all the speculation that Mueller’s investigation is wrapping up and Flynn apparently cooperating quite extensively i am not surprised that Hannity feels the need to deflect back to Clinton.


Mmmmm. Nothingburgers. Delicious.


I know right? We shouldn’t even release the emails or declassify the FISA info. Or maybe we should wait to let Mueller play his hand first. Hmmm. What ever shall they do? :smirk:.


It is. Who knew that high levels of the FBI would be that corrupt. And dumb enough to leave an electronic paper trail. But they were 100 percent sure that they would win. Over confidence will kill ya quicker than about anything else.


Ouch. That’s got to sting the cult.

Oh wait. The cult feels no sting. Sting requires something more than a connection to cruelty and hatred of the other. Like rational progression and logic. A close relationship with reality. Things the cult inherently lack.


Mueller is doing a great job. I say let him keep doing what he’s doing.



You should take your own advice.


What makes you think any of that is true?


Sure. I’m okay with that. Let him take until the next ice age if he wants.


I’m dissapoint


Mueller is thorough. What’s the hurry?

He’s got a lot of information to sift through.

Don’t worry, it’ll all wrap up, and there will be a lot of really angry Trump supporters.


Can you show me a verdict? No collusion.


I don’t think anything. But Sean and his guest believe it is. I’m guessing they have good reason. I’m also guessing that we won’t need to speculate. If the Mueller report is an indictment of Trump, the info will probably be declassified to debunk the investigation. If Trump is exonerated, he may let it go. It’s a poker game right now. And I can’t wait to see how out plays out when the cards are on the table.


Then sift away my friend, sift away.:sunglasses:


Well before you have a verdict you need to file a charge. And before you file a charge you have to identify a crime. So I guess we have to wait for the slow poke to make the next move. Or any move.


If the FBI/DOJ was so corrupt, if Hillary was so corrupt, why in the world would trump “let it go?”.

That makes no sense.


Ok so no crime has been committed. Yawn. Wake me up when u git em


So more nothing…sources are only ok when it’s for your team…

God this is sad