Be sure to watch Sean tonight


They get confused when Mueller has to file things in court. I guess they’re getting that from Fox and rush.


More PR… less substance.




“Sean pretty much staked his reputation…” Ok…:smirk:


Filings are media events and speculation fiesta time.

Again…More PR…Less substance.



You contribute nothing to this discussion.


That was unnecessary.

I will take a breather for your sensibilities.



So, nothing obejective. Just love and adoration for Trump. Got it.


Well, other than the actual investigation.

Btw, I’m digging the money bag emoji. What could be more appropriate for this era of trump republicanism?


As suspected. It’s just a fever-dream fantasy you keep trotting out to attack the character and integrity of an honest American patriot who has devoted his life and bled for the defense of this nation. He has tirelessly worked to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution.

And you do this all in the name of Donald Trump. I mean, wow! Donald Trump is who you decided to sell out for and go all in with, tossing all previous principle aside. Think about it Camp. You went from someone who believed in the rule of law and holding people accountable for their actions, to someone attacking a veteran and hero, all for Donald Trump. Yikes. :flushed:


Or, you know, part of his job.


Why do you continue to ignore the crimes clearly linked to russia that mueller has secured guilty pleas on?

You keep saying none of the convicted cases have anything to do with russia. And it is pointed out to you over and over again that they in fact DO have much to do with russia.

Then a few posts later you repeat the lie that none of the convictions have anything to do with russia.



For starters, no he isn’t. He’s a couple of points lower in approval. When it comes to DISAPPROVAL, however, Trump’s rating is about 5-6 points higher than Reagan.

Also, remember Reagan inherited a recession. Trump inherited a growing economy.


You brought up the polling, so expect to be called on it when you/Gingrich just make things up.

He’s not. The midterms show this. We don’t even need polls. But if you want to use polls, they’re not in your favor.

He’s not THE bully-but he’s certainly a bully.

No he didn’t. He’s still living the billionaire lifestyle, but now he’s paying for it with taxpayer money.

You appreciate a rich president paying for his luxurious lifestyle with our taxpayer dollars…and those dollars going right into his business’s coffers is admirable and you appreciate it. That’s weird.





The conquistadors didn’t fool the locals, the locals loved them…


So, the entire package was fake. Fake dossier backed up by planted news stories. Kind of like Comey did later with his college “friend”…

If we had a news media, I bet we find that pattern over and over…

Obama admin, most corrupt in history.


Because none are related to collusion … obviously…


This has zero footing in reality…

You have to be in a coma the last 2 years to think that Trumps Campaign didn’t “collude” with Russians to hack and release emails from Hilary, DNC and Podesta.


You should reread what you posted here. I’m sure it’ll come to you at some point.


Except it’s not taking an eternity.