Be sure to watch Sean tonight


i don’t think Trump gets busted for any of the money stuff until he’s out of office. then all bets are off.


I have to say I agree, beyond something huge I dont see Trump getting impeached let alone removed from office.


What money stuff? What is your specific allegation? Or are you simply pulling a Mueller and hoping for something?


You do realize that Donald Trump has a well-known history of conning people right?


Does he have a long history of law breaking?


He certainly pals around with lawbreakers…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I am so sorry I missed all of that.


actually 26 years and they havent been able to charge hillary with so much as a speeding ticket…


Not me. Let’s save our brain cells, friend.


A bombshell of thermonuclear implications that could very well herald the onset of the Democratic Apocalypse!



@altair1013, what is the Fox News Network reporting on Sean’s bombshell?


Womp womp.


So in a nutshell Sean’s show last night was a Jack Burkman press conference?


Yes he does. And he’s lost several times in court. And then there are all the laws he broke which he has not yet been held accountable for.


He’s using the office to profit. Subpoenas have been issued. That will lead to tax filings. Trump needs to be clean or he will be busted. That’s just the new stuff.

Mueller already has his money man cooperating. I’d say that part of the investigation will be fruitful and pursued by both federal ans state prosecutors.

Truth is, any dirty businessman probably needs to avoid our highest office. Trump has been massively dirty and NDAs wil now be voided as the court cases start against Trump and his businesses. There will be dozens.

I bookmarked your post. I’ll bump it in a couple years when the really bad stuff is happening. Maybe you can learn from it.


The living embodiment.


Do you find that the site likes to auto-correct the word “gimps”??

I know what I want to call people, and I want to call them gimps dammit.


Any minute now…waiting for fisa abuse arrest. Cons got em now!


You must be referring to Mueller for a profit motive.

President Trump is motivated by power and influence…he has plenty of dough.

Really THINK about what you are observing.



You got em now!