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Yep, no verdict. No conviction. FISA derangement syndrom.


There’s no point, because there’s no shame from the few hardcore Trump supporters. They don’t care that he’s a liar, thief and cheat. I struggle to understand how such a piece of ■■■■ human being can command such loyalty.


no, what i’m really referring to is a bulldog investigator investigating a con man. if you really want me to be blunt.

that never ends well for the con man. especially if the power of the federal government behind the investigation (and they pass other crimes that are uncovered to the states).


The NYC real estate business is a very tough one.

I will put my hat in President Trump’s corner.

Mueller will have to emerge from his shadowy hiding place eventually and answer a few questions his own self.

Newt Gingrich pointed out yesterday that President Trump’s approval is 12-15 points HIGHER than President Reagan had at the same point in his Presidency. Read from that what you will…



What poll is Gingrich using. Aggregates have Trump at or slightly below Reagan.


Newt also said that you have to understand Kenyan anticolonial behavior to understand Obama actions, so I’m not sure how much stock you want to put in his words. It’s fascinating that you’d rather put your hat in the corner of a rich real estate developer, who was given everything by his rich daddy, is a serial liar, has bankrupted multiple businesses, dodged the draft, and cheated on every wife he’s had… instead of the the Marine Vietnam vet who has shed blood and dedicated the vast majority of his life to public service. It says a lot.



That’s a tell folks.


Checks and balances. Mueller certainly is not above the law.

The report findings will determine what comes next.


Neither is Donald Trump.


Please show me what law Mueller broke. This is a search for a crime. Witch hunt!


Always so quick to argue a poll with tissue like substance.

Trump is more popular than you wish. That is the only take away needed.

You cannot bully Trump with the media and Mueller and THEN pretend HE is the bully.

Trump set aside his billionaire lifestyle to SERVE his country. Lots of us admire that and appreciate what he has done.



Never said Mueller broke anything.

He just leaks a lot…Mostly nonsense.



No. He set it aside to do favors for foreign leaders and elevate his status to run a media empire after it’s all over. He doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you


Amen to that.

Pretty incredible the scrutiny that he has withstood.



So then everything hes done is legal. You cant complain.


You keep saying this. But when asked to back it up, you can’t.

So again, point us to one of the many leaks you claim have come from Mueller.

If you can’t, will you finally admit that you have no clue if he leaks or not, and that you just really like pretending that is the case?


Isn’t it wonderful we can have such differing POV’s.

Run with yours, it appears to fit well.



So Mueller and Comey did nothing illegal and you’ve got nothin


Nor is President Trump, his family and his team.

Currently they’re under investigation.


Anyone that consumes media content can see for themselves that the PR is the motive.

What more proof do you need?

Surely you consume some form of news.

Takes a pretty significant event to knock Mueller to page 2…