Be sure to watch Sean tonight


When you say “Hillary report” is that the same as the Steele dossier? If so, hasn’t much of that report been corroborated? I don’t understand why Sean and others are going down this trail of trying to discredit the FISA warrant.

It doesn’t change the facts of what we know now. Nor does it eliminate the ongoing investigations.

Just seems like a waste of time and effort.


It might make no sense. Just like every single person in this forum. I’m speculating. As I said, I can’t wait to see everybody’s cards on the table. It should be fun. I hope Bobby picks up the pace.


This has been the story since the beginning.


FISA derangement syndrom. No DOJ collusion. You’re just trying to undo the Mueller investigation.


2 years and you guys have nothing!


Sources are good when they provide their evidence. We shall see what Mueller’s is. Then we might see the other side as well. Exciting stuff! :money_mouth_face:


Just like $1trillion deficits and extramarital affairs


I don’t ever recall saying that. When did I say that? And besides, They don’t always listen to me. Sometimes they listen to the lawyers instead. :roll_eyes:


You know it’s not polite to try to change the subject. Do you want me to put you in the penalty box?


i like days like this. it gives you more info to judge people on.


The op’s post was so tantalizing I could not bother reading the thread! Was the final gate opened?

I am shaking with anticipation!


Bobby isn’t playing this game.

He is utterly unconcerned with Republican Media boogeymen.


Damm I couldn’t handle it and read the thread…

Same ol same ol…how boring…Trumpers fall flat on their faces again!


We already know what his evidence is


Too early to tell. We’ll see who falls flat when the Mueller report is released. Any predictions?


Allrightythen. It’s settled.


do you mean other than the crimes he’s already uncovered and indictments he’s filed?


You should have watched the show. Your gracious host is NEVER boring.


If I was a betting man I would place my bet on Mueller


Why yes! Unless you believe that Trump will be impeached for some ramdom, ten year old tax case against one of his campaign staff. I personally, think that would be highly unlikely.