Bad decision Mr Pres


Absolutely nothing. It’s something stupid. You need to ask the Sneaky guy, it’s some bur he has up his behind.


well? do you spot at red light on an empty road


Read the book.


I have no idea what that means.


Its a philosophical question about control.

Your driving on a empty road and stop at red light, there are no cars coming or going do you still stop and wait for it to turn green?


10 ch


downtown closet city. your driving the light turn red you stop nothing is coming or going your the only car at the intersection. do you wait or drive though it.


the point is by waiting your giving up part of your control/freedom.


My closest city now? I stop.


No, I’m not. It’s an intersection. I don’t want to get hit by some drunk Canadian on an over-stayed tourist visa with no insurance.


There is no one else on the roads coming or going your the only car, the point is your stopping because the light tell you too.


No, I’m stopping because it’s not safe.

In Latin America after 9 pm, I didn’t stop.


I told you the deal. I don’t need to read one man’s opinion. A lot of people don’t like the militarized police, a lot more people don’t like the flood of military weapons in our society. When you want to engage in a off language interpretation of the 2A, let me know. I’ll gladly give you 3A support.


I don’t know what that means.


Define “your home.”

Do you have people living in your neighborhood who will go when called, put on a military uniform, strap on guns and climb up in an armored vehicle and stop it on a street corner of your town?

Will they shoot you if you don’t follow their orders to the letter?

Will they violate your Constitutional rights without so much as a command?

Will they put explosives on the door of your house and stick guns in the faces of your kids? And if they get your house by “mistake”, oh well.

Do the have a type of SOFA in the form of qualified immunity?

While sending their kids to the same school?

Balko calls it the “Symbolic 3rd Amendment”. It’s an interesting theory.


The same thing you’re doing with the 3A


Lay on McDuff, and be damned him that first cries hold!


??? What////


Bring it. I’m your huckleberry.


You Running up the white flag, I accept.