Bad decision Mr Pres

You’re going down the wrong road when you’re giving away military surplus equipment to police department all across our country.

You say you’re strong pro second Amendment supporter but yet you’re supplying equipment that will no doubt be used against em. It may not be your administration intent but mark my words. Lib authoritarians are going to thank you some day for supplying the very equipment needed for them to achieve their desired end aim.

Bad move.


Damn where is my editing tools?



Where are these authoritarian libs who want Trump to give surplus military equipment to police?

You libs really love that foreign surveillance act under our Patriot act didn’t you?

You’re going to love arming the police with equipment needed to control those gun nutz even better.

What is the desired end aim?
Also, how can liberals both hate the police and be so in control we’ll be able to use them for anything?

If you would say off the crazy I could agree that giving police department military surplus is bad.

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Uh, no, but I hear if you keep insisting while tapping your heels, you might end up in Kansas.

He didn’t believe me. He doesn’t believe you.

He just wants to have a conversation with himself, and we are interrupting with things he doesn’t want to hear.

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I meant desired end game…because I can’t edit I wasn’t able to fix it.

What do you think local over zealous left-wing prosecutor and goverment agencies whether it’s ATF or DEA is going to use for raids?

What do you think they’re going to use when they decide you’re unfit to have guns?

Wait, so the ATF or DEA are going to use local policy on raids?
They won’t decide I’m unfit to have guns. We don’t live in your state of crazy.

you are kidding right?

You need to take a good look around you.

New Jersey sent 5 police cars to confiscate and old flintlock pistol after he was let go by the traffic cop with it.

I’m looking around. You didn’t answer the question.
The ATF or DEA are going to use local police on raids?

Left-wing prosecutor? How many prosecutors have you met? You’ll find that if they aren’t conservative, they’re often considering a switch to the defense side. But if you google hard enough, you’ll find some.

This whole “left-wing authoritarians want a militarized police” gimmick won’t stick to the wall.

I’ve heard this same comment 12 years ago when I tried warning Conservatives about the Patriot act and the new tools to eavesdrop/collecting information…that it will be more likely be used against them then intended target.

So do you respect the rule of law or not? He was, indeed, in violation of the law, but prosecutorial discretion was shown and he was not charged.

Also, it wasn’t even 5…the man himself described it as “3-4” police cars. Not only that, but he stated that the “undersheriff” didn’t want to take him in, but the sheriff did.

So your story isn’t entirely complete.

If we want smaller government and states rights, then we have to respect when a state creates a law we don’t like, as long as it adheres to the constitution.

About a year ago I read an article that said that there were some police departments that determined that getting the equipment was not worth the cost of maintenance versus utilization.

Yeah, I think I posted that on other forum.

So I find what Trump is saying kind of baffling

My relatives in law enforcement have been telling me for years that local PDs have been slowly turning into a para military branch of the govt since the Battle of North Hollywood back in 1997. Aint putting the toothpaste back in the tube on this one.

Yeah I’m afraid you’re right.

Nothing says freedom louder then middle to heavy police equipment rolling down out streets.

Yes, not a real good idea…