Bad decision Mr Pres



They have been for years.


Horrible decision. Stop.


It started in the 60s. Thank Darryl Gates, he was the granddaddy.


This is what happens when the President’s only ideological basis is “Obama Bad”.


Then you agreed with Obama in rescinding giving police these tools?

You really think its just liberals abusing these things? That’s laughable


OK I said I would support Obama if

he changes his mind and restrict sales of military equipment to police.

The surprise announcement comes after the White House suggested last year that Obama would maintain programs that provide the type of military-style equipment used to respond to demonstrators last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, because of their broader contribution to public safety.
Well it seems Obama did 180 degree turn, Now we know why he changed his mind as this article suggest, either way he has seen the light, and dangers that comes of it.

You can read more here.

Now I know some will say how can we protect the police without those sales. Well I say to them how can we be a free society with those rolling down our streets?

That working group said in a report out Monday that it developed the list of newly banned equipment because "the substantial risk of misusing or overusing these items, which are seen as militaristic in nature, could significantly undermine community trust and may encourage tactics and behaviors that are inconsistent with the premise of civilian law enforcement."


IMO this isn’t about politics…it’s about what kind of state we want to live in. If they have that equipment it will be used for nefarious reasons.

It’s just the nature of the beast.


Politics is about what kind of state we want to live in.


Wait. A republican president, a republican house a republican senate is in power when those weapons are given to the police, but it’s bad because…libs.

I love this new place!


It is my theory you cannot have open discussion about politics in a police state.

They do not jell very well together. And I think I have history backing me up on this.


Yes. Repugs have a long history of giving tools to libs to be used against em.


They come to vent nonsensically. We try to talk them out of their trees. We fail because they don’t care. Libs, second amendment, the courts—they just want a dumping ground.


Being talked out of the tree? This is coming from a lib no less.

I’m still trying to get libs out from behind the arms of teh goverment…where you think it’s safe.


These posts are like a parody of Conan from the other site.

It is not possible that he believes what he believes.


And who were you on other site?

As for what I believe…only few members here fully understand my views/positions. And I believe if you ask them they will say Conan has been pretty consistent over 12 years on Hannity forum.


Yeah, I don’t believe you.


Then don’t. But I’m not the one that’s hiding my identity from other forum either.


It is a decent parody though.


What is the end goal?