Bad decision Mr Pres




how would this lead to disarmament?


If this is going to lead to anything it will be more dead black people.


As always you don’t know what you’re talking about.

What do yuo think the optics will look like if these equipment is used on blacks? How do you think the media is going to paint that picture?

Now on otehr hand…if it was used on some right-wing gun loving extremest libs would be cheering.

We all been here during Bundy ranch and Oregon standoff. We watched how “some” libs wanted goverment to gun em down.

To Obama credit…he didn’t allow libs fantasies come to fruition.

In fact he handles it pretty damn good under those circumstances.


Yes. And we said so.





It’s bad period.


You’re a very rude woman.

My mother is black and I don’t appreciate the reference to being talked out of a tree.


That’s because you don’t think before you post. He absolutely does believe it. He gets it, you don’t.

He’s right.




Good…I cant remember all your stances


Wasn’t Donald the last person to suggest seizing guns and worrying about due process later?


There’s only one.


Yes. He’s not a conservative.


Balko’s Symbolic 3rd Amendment rears its ugly head yet again.


Or maybe you can’t understand what you don’t know.

As someone said to me here. They’re not going to get you. Referring to me and my positions.

Sadly in our society indoctrination seems to be the norm. People need to let go…and see where it will take em.

But letting go is scary for all too many.


Oh please…because I dont remember your and sneakys stance on the issue that means I dont know you or sneaky?

Sniffing the crazy glue huh conan


This post is going to have to be translated for me by someone else.

His mother?



What’s my middle name?


Your participation strengthens my position. Thanks.