Bad decision Mr Pres


I was hoping you would be interesting.


Its scary out there to be a white person in America, with your non existent fears.


They already have complete control, do you spot at a red light on an empty road?


Stop drinking all dad’s beer eh!





Wrong. You don’t know me.


I know enough about you…Meghan


You literally don’t believe that a Supreme Court decision is law, and you agree with Conan, who thinks that libs want militarized police.

You stay on that side, and I’ll do just fine.


You don’t know even know yourself. You read what I allow you to read. You are the victim of a Wizard’s illusion.


Literally like.

Prove it. For the 10 thousandth time.


And another one scrambles up a tree.


what makes you think trump wants an open discussion about politics?

serious question…


The republicans want to disarm us?

Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.


Okie dokie…


Of course they do.


For the last 40 years it’s been R’s/cons that have pushed hard law n’ order, lock em’ up, give the cops what ever they want etc…the idea it’s not their fault is a joke. Their the ones for militarizing the police, along with creating the reality that we can only exist if every king of firearm is available to the public. Why do you think the police wanted to be armed like the military?


Suddenly, the cops are a bunch of libs who want to be militarized.

It is a Bizarro world.


And people who have for decades have been telling us we need strict reading of the constitution, now have this crazy new reading of the 3A.




What does quartering soldiers in your home have to do with militarization of the police?