Backstage report from Celeb Apprentice - Trump snorts adderal


Thanks for this troll-sponge thread. It will continue to absorb them. Now the rest of us can focus on the other threads.


Hey at least Trump isn’t gay.


If Trump is indeed a speed freak (and between the lack of sleep, irritability, irrationality, and sniffing, that doesn’t seem unlikely), imagine how fat he’d be if he wasn’t…


Likes hugging flags, for some reason.


Would he be more stupid too I wonder. Or maybe the same level of stupid at just a slower speed.


Yup they sure did. He’s a typical internet tough guy until the Secret Service show up


If he was I’m sure mika would have told everyone by now (and still kept her job).

But still, it doesn’t stop the left fantasizing about trump/putin.<see colber, stephen

And let’s not pretend there weren’t rumors circulated during the campaign btw.


why not both?


You are the one who seemed to think it was a good thing.

I’d have to say that would be a great step in the right direction compared to the choom-gang member, late night jack and coke addicted president.


Considering that all drugs should be legalized, I really don’t care if the president is augmenting his awareness through controlled substances.


Big step up from the choom-gang member . Did they ever figure out if obama used to deal as well. I know there was some talk of it.

We know his buddy did.


Adderal isn’t even a bad drug. Lots of white kids do that drug in college, so it can’t be that bad. It’s not like it’s crack cocaine.


But he behaved strangely during the campaign. It wasn’t just the job of president that made him like he is now. He was that way before he took office.


Adderall is amphetamine. It is used by college students as a study aid. Doesn’t change the fact that it is an amphetamine.


Fat donald is so cheap he can’t even sniff coke like a proper adult.


You know who else used amphetamines? Hitler.

And it’s not legal to use Adderall as a “study aid”, unless you’ve been prescribed it for ADD/ADHD.


so, no credible souce then? anyone?

wait till it’s on cnn i guess


It’s also not legal to use Marijuana, but we don’t lock anyone up for doing that either.


I have no idea, I’m not a big Obama fan.


Obama dealt drugs, because Jay Z dealt drugs. This is sound detective work. This is really ground breaking stuff. I love how we are always pushing the envelope here.