Backstage report from Celeb Apprentice - Trump snorts adderal


Maybe you could show where someone said that.

Never mind, we all know no one did.

But there was talk about obama dealing some in his youth. Wouldn’t surprise me.


It’s not working.


You don’t know that it’s not better than it could be.


Yeah, guess you are correct there.


JFK too - for his back.


You know the difference between pot and cocaine, yes?


Have we considered the fact that if Trump is banging addies, we’re seeing him at the peak of his mental powers? lol


It’s legal in 10 states.


Pence looks like a druggie.


It’s hard to post in a thread when quoting people triggers mod approval for your post to appear.

I’m looking at you @madasheck


Yeah, I noticed that today. I have no idea what the hell that’s all about or why I’m getting singled out. I guess I should be proud that I’m regarded so highly by the upper echelons.


Amazing isn’t it?


So funny to see how all-in so many conservatives are with this totally morally bankrupt and disgusting POS they elected President.

Really says a lot about the character of those who support him.


Doesn’t stop your employer from firing your ass.


25 minutes later the post goes out.

At this point, what difference does it make?


No, of course not. You can’t be under the influence of pot or liquor on the job without facing consequences.


More anti-Trump hair balls coughed by leftist MSM. :roll_eyes:

But seriously even if it’s true a drug snorting President Trump is better then the previous President and a hell of lot better President then Hilly would have been. JMO!


“On the job” doesn’t apply to pot since you can be completely sober and it would still show up in your urine analysis. You can legally drink alcohol during your off duty time. You can’t do the same with marijuana for jobs that care about such a thing.


There are lots of people in jail for MJ, and more every day in states where it’s not legal. There are also people in jail and being jailed for posssession and/or use of amphetamines.


It seems silly that we don’t jail presidents for cheating to win elections, but we’ll jail marijuana users.