Backstage report from Celeb Apprentice - Trump snorts adderal

Deflect deflect deflect.

Adderall can cause psychosis, paranoia, aggression and more, especially in but not limited to persons with a history of depression, anxiety disorder or mental illness.

Knew it was something. I thought cocaine. He of course lied and blamed it on a sensitive mic.

That’d be large doses.

Paranoia can happen in smaller doses though. And you’re not supposed to snort this ■■■■■

Trump should be taking regular doses of adderall, he might be able to read his briefings if he was.

YeH, but that’s a feature and not a bug to trumpers.

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Well, that’s still true.

You got him this time.

Someone get pence to the White House immediately. pence is now the principle.

The simplest answer remains that he is simply a moron.

I don’t think he’s capable of remembering to breathe if he takes anything stronger than Sudafed.

You should not believe anyone in Celeb’s Apprentice stories about Trump. By definition, they are gossips. They only spread these rumors to get people’s attention. This is fake news. Donald Trump is the healthiest president in our history of the planet. Some people say Obama is in good shape, but this is a lie. We all saw photos of Obama’s fat ass, I can only say that I am very happy that Trump is his color.


Being a moron is not an impeachable offense.

But all of the stuff he did is.

Since when is snorting stimulants an impeachable offense?

You all didn’t tell us this is a tom arnold scoop.

That’s ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

Tom Arnold retweeted it. That’s all.

I guess tom arnold’s n-word tape hunt didn’t work out so we get this instead.

Didn’t the secret service recently pay this clown a visit??

In certain parts of the country being addicted to stimulants is seen as a positive thing.

All you have to do is prove it.

Unless we’re all supposed to take tom arnold’s word for it.

That’s not all arnold did.

We get it - you don’t care if your president is a coked up moron who murders dogs and children in his spare time, so long as you’re not forced to examine your own life choices. You don’t have to show that to us over and over again.

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You lost me at “we”.