Backstage report from Celeb Apprentice - Trump snorts adderal

Deleted the video because it got kind of dirty at one point, but it’s easy to find.

It gets interesting at about 3:30. Noel Casler used to work as a talent manager on Celeb Apprentice, and says Trump snorted Adderal regularly. That explains that weird sniff.

It also makes me wonder about the Schiller break-in to Bornstein’s office to steal Trump’s medical records - was it to cover up the Adderal use?

Hmmm…remember how he was always sniffing during during the debates?

YES! I thought the same thing.

A lot of us suspected cocaine. This is kind of worse.

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I have it on good authority this is a not-so-secret-secret about President Trump. People who have known him for years in New York have known this for some time. It’s also why he doesn’t drink alcohol. He was told mixing the two could kill him.

It would explain the tweeting.

YES! That seems likely. Also the purported lack of sleep.

And here I thought it was just because he’s a ■■■■■■■ idiot.

That’s a contributing factor.

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An idiot on adderal is a frightening thing,

I’m not buying that without a lot of corroboration but…

It would explain the insomnia, severely volatile emotional state, the lack of empathy to the point of cruelty, the impulsiveness and his erratic moods.

Of course underlying he has always been a sociopath and has been a cruel bully but who knows?

I’ve looked back at old video footage of the dude form 30 years ago and he just appears much different, much calmer and in control, less ker-azy. But the job of being president can also drive you bonkers too.


I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive.

Well it’s not like he’s got access to sensitive information or nuclear codes…ohhhhhhh…

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Oh, man. I totally forgot about the medical record theft and breaking and entering.

At some point, you have to admire just how criminal these guys are. It is so broad ranging that it is impossible to keep track or to remember it all.

I suspected at the beginning of the administration it would take an AWS account, a robust relational database, and ever expanding memory and processing resources to keep track of this stuff.

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Asked about the NBC report, Sanders said: “As is standard operating procedure for a new president, the White House medical unit took possession of the president’s medical records.” She said “that is not my understanding” when pressed by a reporter if the action was a “raid,” as Bornstein described it.

I doubt that it is ‘Standard Operating Procedure’.

Didn’t think of that, makes sense.

That would explain A LOT.

He’s an obvious case of ADHD, and adderall is used to treat that.

If this is what he’s like when medicated though…

I’d have to say that would be a great step in the right direction compared to the choom-gang member, late night jack and coke addicted president.

Good find.