Backlash against the trump administration

first the homeland security secretary was chased out of a restaurant by protestors.
than stephen miller hear the protests

now sarah sanders was booted by a restaurant that refused to serve her.

good. this should happen anytime a member of the administration goes out in public.

make their lives hell

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“Her actions say far more about her than about me.” -Sarah Sanders

Yeah. It says that the owner of that Red Hen has a basic sense of morality and integrity


C’mon now. No.

She should not have been asked to leave the restaurant.


Honestly, I’m torn on this. I’m leaning toward just leaving her alone and letting her finish her meal. On the flipside, as the mouthpiece for a known liar, adulterer, and all around awful person, you reap what you sow. I don’t necessarily hold it against the owner for feeling strongly about having Sanders in their place of business. I wouldn’t want Sanders or Trump in my house.

Why not? She’s a willing participant and enabler of the administration.

On one hand I think it’s ■■■■■■ up but on the other this whole “you must maintain standards of decency and propriety while we piss all over them and laugh or we’ll cry so hard” thing is super annoying.

Exactly. What respect has Sanders earned?

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But bake the wedding cakes bigots.

Hope you enjoy the turn around when a D administration is back in office and don’t complain because this apparently is the new normal


White supremicists respect her.

Uh. Did you sleep through the Obama years?


Not to mention, she used her government Twitter account to voice her displeasure. I guess it’s OK for this administration’s minions to use their government accounts for personal reasons, but to hell with anyone else.

It’s never been this bad.

Do as I say,not as I do.

Please provide links to stories in which conservative store owners refused to serve members of the Obama administration, pro life activists helped to bankrupt pro choice businesses and Obama cabinet members were hounded and chased out of public establishments

I’ll wait.

THat’s what happens when a pathological liar hell bent on serving only himself is seated in the Oval Office.

In some respects yes. But also, we’ve never had anyone quite like Trump in power. He is completely motivated by pissing off his opposition. And then we’re surprised when the opposition bites back?

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We have never had such a corrupt, manipulative, outright dishonest administration since the signing of the constitution.

About time you finally get it.


And this is the example of the UN American activity of LIBERALISM in this country. Its got to be destroyed………………. at the ballot box and through our judicial system because that type of behavior is unacceptable in a free society.

Being asked to leave because of your job and who you work for……….DISGUSTING!!


This is the new normal. It’s going to get much worse.

Now leftists are blasting Sanders for tweeting about this, even though she said nothing until it went viral.

Sounds just like Obama to me but conservatives were better behaved about it.