Backlash against the trump administration

You’re honestly surprised that afternoon Trump has shredded every basic rule of political propriety and courtesy in politics to the enthusiastic cheers of conservatives, liberals are responding in kind?

So Obama wasn’t as divisive.

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This has gone way beyond “biting back”.

The previous administration was much more corrupt. It is finally starting to come out.

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Lol. Ok. You wait. As I just stated in post, Trumps motivation to do everything in his power to piss off his opposition is unprecedented. So don’t get all bent out of shape when the opposition gets fed up with it and pushes back.

You know i meant the left wing harrassment.

Just bake the cake or we’ll destroy your business and livelihood.

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You are truly living in an alternate reality.


And being asked to leave because of who you are isn’t?

Should Trump administration staffers become a protected class?

Has it? These are just regular Joe and Jane ■■■■■■■■■, mostly. On the other side it’s the ■■■■■■■ president and his administration doing the clowning.

Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it so.

Look at who is in the White House. I’d prefer people act better, but this is the bed Republicans have made.

I live in reality. You should try it some time.

I understand that you disagreed with 99.9% of whatever Obama and his administration supported.

But corrupt?


If you want to see corruption of a Presidential administration, look to Nixon, Reagan, and soon to surpass them…Trump.

How many indictments were there from 2008-2016 in Obama’s admin.?

Pushing back with fascism? Alrighty then.

I opposed the Obama administration but would never have condoned such actions again st Holder, Gibbs etc.

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What, you mean like Trump constantly trying to sabotage businesses he doesn’t like?

Or I dunno, the nine million businesses you guys tried to boycott in the Obama years?

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Refusing service at a restaurant is fascism? Come on now.

Conservatives were formerly champions of the right to refuse service.

She probably lives in a state where is it legal to discriminate against LGBT folks.

And proudly supports it.

Absolutely corrupt. The things his FBI and DOJ were involved in are just starting to come out in come cases.

Then there’s the IRS scandals etc.

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