"Dems Only" restaurants...Just like Whites only?

Why not? Because it’s stupid and disrespectful to a group of people who were actually persecuted and killed for their beliefs. Y’alls mouthpiece got asked to leave a restaurant.

Get a ■■■■■■■ clue.

So it’s ok to refuse service based on politics. That’s all I was looking for. Thank you.

Holy ■■■■.

You’re perfectly ok with it. How am I wrong?

From a earlier thread.

So you felt the same way about Bill Clinton’s advisors and cabinet members? He’s all those things you say loathe.

Somehow I doubt that though.

Hey, if you’re for kicking people out of restaurants based on politics, it’s all good. Just be up front about it.

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I don’t think Clinton and Trump are comparable. It’s an attempt to normalize Trump.

Sanders was asked to leave because of her actions as press secretary. I don’t believe people should be asked to leave businesses because of their politics.

Why? I didn’t pray for the tow truck driver who denied towing services for a Bernie Sanders supporter!

You’re simply a victim of no one liking you. Nothing to do with “dems”

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Race based prohibitions in public services were passed because that treatment was part of maintaining a permanent sub class that had very limited opportunities. In theory I don’t care for government intrusion but that situation was worthy of an exception.
If you are going to argue that people should not be allowed to determine whether they wanted to discriminate based on political orientation then I guess its time to argue that nobody should be allowed to deny service to anyone.
I am against that.

P.S. That doesn’t mean that people can’t be offended by rude behavior, just that it shouldn’t be illegal.

A win is a win!

I think we should look at them in horror. They are complicit in destroying everything this country stands for.

But the restaurant thing was wrong and Maxine waters is spewing some dangerous stuff.

We need to keep the moral high ground but some dems are ruining that for us.

Dude don’t go there.

So it didn’t start by public shaming and barring them from places. Ok.

His current show on a Christian Network is cringe worthy. The first few shows started out with Christian guests, music and promoting Christian values. That was the hook, now he’s gone full trumptard (with the same fake folksy voice) and turned the show into another Fox News show, it’s ■■■■■■■ mind boggling.

Lol tell me more about how you love Trump’s rhetoric because he’s “telling it like it is” and he’s “not PC.”

Maybe conservatives should then just adopt a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

Love this “we should be able to say the foulest ■■■■ imaginable but if you’re mean to us we’re gonna cry so hard” thing they got going.