"Dems Only" restaurants...Just like Whites only?

One hundred years ago you could have seen signs at the front of restaurants that say 'Whites only". Now, there seems the new trend among modern intolerant and hate filled dems. Refuse service to any one they think is a republican.

We’ve seen this over and over now. Where dems refuse service to well known reps or or people simply wearing a “Make America Great Again” Hat. I just wondering, if Starbucks can kick out reps with no problems?

IN the Sara incident, the owner not only kicked how out but followed her. Imagine had the baker who refused to bake a gay cake, followed them down the street shouting instead of being polite and explaining the problem.

All because reps don’t want open borders.

…are water fountains next?

Maybe so. It would end up with a lot of bankrupt businesses here where our county is 70 percent GOP.

Not even gonna read the OP. That title is ■■■■■■■ stupid.

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another dumb post… congrats

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Just out of curiosity, where did you pull that number from?

Census. :+1::smiley:

A Republican or Democrat is not a protected class. Legally you can discriminate as much as you want based on a persons political beliefs.

You were here a few years ago (on the old forum) when a regular posters was saying he would not employ anyone who had an Obama sticker on their car. Cons flocked to protect his decision to do so.

That was a stupid idea then and its a stupid idea now that a restaurant has done it but as long as they are not discriminating on sex, religion, race etc. they can indulge in this behavior all day long.

Be honest and admit you would not have a problem if it was a Republican business owner asking a democrat to leave.

You don’t even know history. There were whites only signs just about 50 or so years ago.

But congrats for one of the stupidest threads ever.

Dems so intolerant they can’t let a person eat? Just because of their politics. That’s not “Coexisting”…

And “No cops” allowed.

Could you show me reps throwing people out of restaurants became of their personal beliefs?

It’s not stupid it’s sad, and foreboding…

They don’t seem to want them sleeping either. Seems like some disturbing the peace arrests are in order.

Talking about false equivalence. LOL!

I’m going to tell you what you and your ilk would tell me, “Stop being a victim…get over it”.

I wonder if we’ll have a congressional baseball game this year ?

MAGAbros starting to miss Political Correctness when the discover they aren’t the only ones who can be mean and nasty. WOMP WOMP.

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I can’t decipher your pig-English but FYI - I don’t support her being thrown out. I’ve already stated I think it was wrong.

Did you forget about your buddy tow truck driver that was supported by every Trump supporter I know?!?

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We did I think and thankfully no one got shot this time. Ridiculous times.

Jim crow laws were written to stop the natural integrations free markets cause. Reps were against them.

True! Yes they were…Unfortunately, same party, way different political ideology.