Avengers: Endgame sets first day pre sales record


Indy got it before they could. Had he not gotten it, they would have. Roll credits…


Oh my god, they’ve gone plaid!

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I don’t think I could do 59 hours of movie. I wouldn’t mind doing what Vaard did in watching them in chronological order…after sex of course. Let’s see, 6 weeks, 22 movies, that’s 4 movies a week. Stay hydrated!


As I already stated, they didn’t know exactly where Marion was. MAYBE they would have found her, but in the movie, we specifically know they found her because they followed Indy.


Movie Nazis are not real life Nazis. The only reason they were even able to pull this all off was because of Belloq, who the movie showed following Indy to the treasure, letting Indy find it, then taking it from him. It happened with the golden idol, with the headpiece, then with the ark. It’s a pattern the movie deliberately follows to show that Indy has that penchant for treasure hunting that Belloq doesn’t have-Belloq is good, but Indy is the best and his knowledge and intuition are the reason all of these treasures are found in the first place.

Again, I don’t agree. The movies deliberately demonstrate over and over that his knowledge and skills are integral to why all of the events are happening.


They followed him there, which is why they got it. They didn’t know where it was before they followed him there. Indy hears that they’re LOOKING for Abner to get the headpiece, but all they knew was somewhere in Asia. The movie directly shows this with the leather-clad Nazi hiding behind his newspaper on the plane, following Indy to Marion’s location-they knew to look for Abner (Marion’s dad), but they didn’t know Marion had the headpiece, nor did they know she exactly where she was.

And again, the entire point is that Indy DOES get there before them and comes very close to making off with the ark before the Nazis. It’s a cat and mouse game. Sometimes Indy has the advantage, sometimes the Nazis do.

There’s more to the movie than the last 20 minutes. Events happen before that. Movies aren’t about the destination-they’re about the journey, otherwise we’d only watch the endings and nothing more.


I always enjoyed that movie


How did they know to follow indy? How did they know he would lead them to marion?


I literally keep gallons of water in my fridge at all times…


Yeah but you clearly sweat a lot


What you should do is give your wife the Thanos speech from the beginning of Infinity War right before you get down to business.

“Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. And now its here. Or should i say I am!”

And then go for it :joy:


Damn there’s so much I could say here. I’ll settle for that’s not going to work.


The same reason Belloq was waiting for Indy when he came out of the temple with the golden idol in the beginning of the movie. That’s part of the suspension of disbelief we have to assume for the sake of the fact that it’s movie. That Belloq sorta stalks Indy and tries to steal his treasures from him since Indy is the better treasure hunter.

Again, Raiders establishes this pattern from the opening scene. Belloq takes the golden idol from Indy after he takes it from the temple. The Nazis, who are working with Belloq, show up to try to get the headpiece after Indy has gone to acquire it. Then Indy finds the ark, but ends up once again having it taken by Belloq.

The movies shows over and over again that it’s BECAUSE of Indy’s knowledge of archaeology and his connections that the ark is able to be found in the first place. Belloq and the Nazis aren’t competent enough to do it on their own (and because movies generally established that bad guys are kinda dumb and don’t have the righteous intelligence/knowledge/skill to succeed), and they need Indy to find it for them so they can take it.


Me too, but I’m not gonna eat a TO for being vulger :joy:


Holy ■■■■■ Man I was kidding. It was a great movie. I enjoyed every second. No plot holes at all. :smile:


I wouldn’t go that far. Part of the “magic” of movies is that we’re forced to accept “realities” or tropes. Such as the fact that the bad guys Belloq and the Nazis-just aren’t as smart, or as experienced, or as connected, as Indy. aka-the suspension of disbelief.

In real life we could say “oh of course they would have found Marion eventually because of their resources” But it’s a movie-and we’re expected to accept that, for the sake of the narrative, Belloq and the Nazis never would have found Marion, and only Indy could have because he was close with Abner and had a past romantic relationship with Marion, which is why he was able to get to her and they weren’t.


Also like I later pointed out (this is cheating a bit because it was in a scene not included in the theatrical release) the other side of the headpiece also included the warning not to look in the Ark.

I wonder why they cut that scene. Makes you wonder how Indy knew not to look without that scene.


Our little local theater typically doesn’t sell out, though I did preorder tickets for The Force Awakens when it was about to release.

I haven’t had any problem seeing any big blockbusters here, even on Thursday night screenings, but I may go ahead and grab a ticket for this one.

Endgame buzz is HUGE right now. I’m really anxious to see how this all resolves.


Rewrite. They put that scene in and Indy removes it from the headpiece.


My son asks me every day if it’s out yet. He’s 7. Neither of us can wait. My wife is not as enthusiastic.

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