Avengers: Endgame sets first day pre sales record


I don’t think so. Indy was the reason they found it-they were not even close to searching in the right area because they didn’t know the specifications of the staff on which to place the headpiece (because they didn’t have the headpiece, because Indy got it before they could) so the sun could pass through and the beam would point to the location of the arc.

They only found the arc because Indy found the location and was going after it himself and the Germans and Belloq caught him in the act.


Imax 3d…dolby vision and sound

Temperpedic seats with butt kickers under each seat…

$13 a ticket… so cheap i bought an extra just to have an empty seat next to me…


They were in the wrong location because indy got the medallion…

Without indy, they would have got the original medallion and dug in the right spot…


Actually, they only knew that Marion had the headpiece because they followed Indy to her (Mariton’s) bar in Nepal.


Indy went there because the nazis were on her trail… she was mentioned in the nazi communications…


Only difference indy made was that marion probably would have been killed and the monkey and sword wielding guy would be alive…


You going to the 59 hour marathon of all previous Marvel movies AMC is having leading up to the Endgame premiere?

You can catch up on your sleep during Thor The Dark World and Iron Man 3.


This thread went nerd at ludicrous speed.


I have an active sex life so 62 hours straight of mcu movies does not appeal to me…

I did however rewatch them all in chronological order over the past 6 weeks…

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There are plot holes in all the Indy movies.

For example, Donovan, who wanted the Holy Grail, hired Indy’s dad to find it. So why did Donovan kidnap him before he actually found the second marker underneath the library?

Was it because he found out Ilsa was a Nazi and tried to escape? If so, how did the Sons of the Cruciformed Soul know where he was?


If it wasn’t for the fact that the movie is coming out in the middle of my law school finals, I would consider it.


In between all the sex?



Usually right after…

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That must have thrilled your partner…


Mentioned, but they didn’t know where she was. The film specifically shows the Nazi in the leather coat spying/following Indy on the plane so they can find where she is. They have to follow him to her location to get the headpiece.


Nah. He’s very integral. The point of Raiders isn’t the ark-but rather Indy believing in the religious/supernatural powers the ark contains…same in Temple where he comes to believe in the powers of the rocks, and Crusade where he sees the power of the Grail first hand after not really believing in it before.


Indys dad discovered ilsa and donovan were nazis… “she talks in her sleep”… which is why he mailed off his diary before nazis figuired out he knew a out them and kidnapped him…they kidnapped him so indy would be motivated to finish the quest…

Cruciformed sword guy …or one of their allies probably saw him being kidnapped or moved…


He may be integral to his personal journey but without him the nazis still would have found the ark, opened it and all died…


Have to?

Likely they find her eventually…so you can say he “sped up” their discovery of her.

Actually found an old link I had the last time this came up.

Indy was important.

There was a scene left out of the movie…the second side of the head piece doesn’t just have the correct measurements for the staff…it also has instructions to keep one’s eyes shut and not to look into the Ark. It’s why Indy knows to shut his eyes and warns Marion to do so as well.

They cut that part out of the movie though, but assuming that’s true, Belloq and crew, having the entire headpiece, would have learned this instruction as well…and so they wouldn’t have died.


The nazis had alot of resources… i am.pretty confident they would have found her… and how did they know to follow indy to marion? Because, reaources…

Dont get me wrong… i love the movies… even crystal skull… watched all of them many times…

Just pointing out that indy had no effect on the end result of the movie…