Articles of Impeachment filed


Whoops. Er… what happened?
Looks like you guys tried it before.

You probably even forgot. What loonytunes!

I wonder if they got a participation trophy from Hillary and John Brennan for trying.

No one from the left will defend this… pretending it never happened. I’d be embarrassed too.


What a stupid post. Read your article. This was done when the Republicans held the house. Start another thread when Dems actually file articles.


Hahahahahaha… libs do the dumbest things. They were convinced that the entire country hated Trump … that he won through Russian cheating.

Their failure has nothing to do with who ran the house. Remember your superhero Mueller is a Republican.

So you are defending those Congress persons. Hahahahahaha

I’ve never seen one lib claim this… show me

Oh yes you have…

The American people vs Donald Trump

Cut the shucking & jivin’.

If you look in various threads here, we were told by the vulture liberals Pelosi is too smart to go for impeachment. Looks like they were wrong, I am shocked.

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What’s not shocking is that people aren’t reading the articles, or the dates the articles were published. Not shocking at all.


You are free to point to where this Facebook group :joy::joy: said the entire country hates Trump.

November 15 2017. Seriously did you just post that? How embarrassing.


Ummm did you read the OP or happen to reference the date of it? Pelosi isn’t going for impeachment, she wasn’t even the speaker when what happened in the article in the op was posted. Maybe a little vetting before posting first would be in order.


This post is from 2017.

Maybe if you read the post you will see that I’m laughing at you people for filing articles of impeachment in 2017.

But… then … the likelihood of you admitting that is zero. You people are so embarrassed by it you pretend it didnt happen.

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wow they have a facebook group !

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We were told in the hannity forums no Democrat was considering impeachment. Pelosi now is saying she wants trump in prison.

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This topic should be fun to watch as liberals move their goalposts.

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She can say whatever she want free speech bro.

You were told no such thing. Perhaps you’d like to quote any members posts here who suggested that no democrat was considering impeachment.

As for what Pelosi is now saying, well it doesn’t matter what her personal opinion on the matter is, she says stuff just like everyone else does. What happens from here is a matter of law and order.

Did YOU read the report?

A 1 1/2 year old link and a Facebook group are the basis for this OP?

If you want to learn something, go read the Mueller Report.