Articles of Impeachment filed

How many different ways could Mueller say “no collusion”.

I’m not interested in phase two of “Oh my God Hillary lost” revenge.

The signs of a person who spends way too much time digging for political fodder on the internet.

No you were not told that.

Hmmmm. Let’s check that.

You should realize that the two are not the same.

The surest way to send Trump to prison is to wait until he is voted out of office and let NY go after him.


I posted the other day about my freshman congress and his pro impeachment stance.


June 2018. Things have happened since then. Doyouthink?


Yes. The Mueller report came out and cleared Trump of the original charge of colluding with the Russians to beat the hag.

Too funny! What a thread fail…:rofl:


What about obstruction of justice or is one outta two not bad.


Obstructing WHAT justice?

Please state what justice he was obstructing.

It’s all in part 2 of the mueller report, 10 instances.

As I said 1 outta 2 ain’t bad.


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Ummm… surely you can synopsize. What was the justice that was obstructed? There are ongoing investigations that will prove that it was not justice that Mueller was pursuing.
So your obstruction charge will be irrelevant.

Obstruction of sedition…

Yes… Trump may have stopped the seditious acts of Comey, Brennan, etc. But the ongoing investigations will prove it was not Justice that was impeded by any of Trump’s actions.

Did YOU read the report?

Has the impeachment started yet?

Since when does a group on Facebook have any clout? I can show you plenty of different groups with different opinions. How many anti-Obama FB groups are there?

Jeeze, get a grip

You know, the Report is available Free online. Why is this so hard to comprehend? Read the damn thing yourself instead of relying on the folks on TV and radio to tell YOU what it says.

What a loser thread. Total loser.

When did I say they had clout? I posted the link to refute the lib post that no one ever said America hated Trump.

Keep up.

So you are attacking me … calling me a loser? Your post has nothing to do with the OP, which is about the false starts that libs engaged in regarding impeachment.