Arms Vaults in Schools?

A sheriff in North Carolina wants to put safes in six schools that will store AR-15s, Breaching Equipment, and anything else that may be needed to put down an armed intruder.

He says if there is a armed intruder in one of his schools, he doesnt want his officers to have to go back to their vehicles, or wait on anything. He wants everything they need to be on site in the safe so they are completely ready to engage and shut down the threat.

Seems like this guy is on to something.


The mere fact that this is even being considered, clearly displays just how ■■■■■■ up “we” are.

His take is how much time was wasted in Uvalde by officers waiting around and not engaging the threat.

I support this, and also think there should be an electronic panic button that will lock all interior hallway doors so that perpetrators can not move from classroom to classroom. They would in effect be locked it the classroom they first enter, or the hallway. The only movement available to them would be for them to go outside through a window.

If they are responding to an armed intruder at a school why would they be leaving the patrol car unarmed in the first place?

It shames me that “we” are having this discussion but that said, something must be done to stop innocent children from being harmed and I like your “panic button” idea.

Panic button idea is interesting but could really lead to problems. Like a fire and a malfunction…would be disastrous.

I agree. I mean, maybe it a a good idea but dear to help us that we need to be thinking this way.

I dont see why windows couldnt be designed as emergency exits like on busses and planes. Most schools built today are single floors

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So basically install mini armories in every school.

Fun and games if they get it mixed up with the art cupboard and give the wrong key to an 8 year old.

Maybe. But getting 30 kids out a window during a fire might not be the best thing.

Like I said, interesting idea, but not sure it’s perfect.

I don’t understand this either.

Unless police are regularly positioned inside the school?

Axe and fire extinguisher. In case of fire break glass.

What’s the problem?

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They aren’t.



They are for the benefit of the SROs.

“Having a deputy just armed with a handgun isn’t enough to stop these animals,” Sheriff Buddy Harwood said. “That’s why I’ve decided to arm all of my school resource officers with AR-15 rifles.”

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“Armed” is on a spectrum.

And most people can’t hit water standing in a boat with a pistol.



or, address the rampant mental illness in this country

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