Arming Teachers Makes Perfect Sense - Logic

Correct repetitions, not perfect. Perfection is the goal of completing the repetitions.

And you don’t need someone to coach you through all 10,000 repetitions. If you do, you better hope that you are never put to the test.

I’ve already been put to the test.

Have a good day.

and I thought Carnegie Hall was the goal of piano repetitions…

Try The Talent Code by Coyle.

I wasn’t talking about you personally, I was referring to you in general … as the student. If you need a coach for all 10,000 repetitions you probably didn’t reach anything close to perfection.

Stephen King is an idiot. You ever see a cigarette stop lung cancer?

Eventually, yeah.

If it were up to Democrats nobody except the criminals would have guns.

Because nobody legally would be allowed to own gun, and the criminals would be getting guns illegally. Then Socialism and Anarchy would rule.

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Ok, can you oh highly inexperienced one, tell me which of these three is not a deadly weapon?




It’s a tough question, I know, so take your time with it. Good luck.

A pop tart eaten to be shaped similarly to a gun is not a deadly weapon. From what I read on the subject, however, he wasn’t punished because of the gun-tart, but because he acted in a disruptive manner, and had a pattern of disruption (school officials said something like there were 15-20 cases of this student being a disruption).

My first year of teaching, I had a 7th grader make a paper gun during class and pretend to shoot at people. Other students told me he would also do this on the bus. I reported it to the guidance counselors, as I was a student in a neighboring high school when the Heath High School shooting happened, and I was well aware of the lawsuits against any and everyone who “missed the signs” that Michael Carneal was going to do what he did.

It seems like you thought you were on the cusp of some “gotcha” with this post, but I’m afraid you’ve failed.

No, not a gotcha, just showing how even you with little experience can be useful in protecting a school.

It’s not experience that’s required, it’s common sense. You have enough, so even you will do fine.

My apologies for coming on too accusatory-this thread hasn’t been terribly friendly to those who disagree with the premise of the OP.

I’m only in my 11th year over all, but I feel like my experience of going to school in a district where high profile school shooting happened, living very close to where a recent one happened (and having friends/colleagues who teach there) as well as being roughly 1/3 into my career as a teacher gives me a perspective a lot of people not in the education field have.

I don’t think I have all the answers-I can only speak to what I think makes sense given my personal experience and that of those around me.

“Arming teachers” is the wrong term. More properly would be “not removing or restricting teachers’ rights.”

We aren’t going to provide guns.

The OP has accomplished TWO things in one shot:

That he has no idea of what goes in to being a teacher, and…
That he has no idea of what goes in to being a cop.


The problem with the gun crowd is that they already have their solution to everything: MORE GUNS. And they just work backward from that to fit square pegs in round holes to apply this solution to every situation.

THAT is why you cannot reason with them.

What do you have an idea about being?

Let’s hear some of your “reason”.

Good move. I would put a master key in there too.