Arming Teachers Makes Perfect Sense - Logic

Nobody seems to want to disarm police. A lot of people are dead set against allowing teachers to arm themselves. Let’s look at the two groups and decide which one is truly the better choice.

I’ll start:

One of the key components in discretionary shooting (what is required in this case) is intelligence. Critical thinking skills.

Teachers are the more intelligent of the two groups. By far.

If a teacher were a former police officer with an education degree, I’d have no problem with it.

A teacher who has never been in law enforcement should not carry in school. We simply lack the experience/training necessary, IMO.

Cops get very little actual firearms training through the course of a career and any one with reasonable intelligence, judgement, and coordination can easily be taught what they need to know to defend themselves and others in the event of an active shooter situation.

Cops have more firearms mishaps ND/AD’s and bad shoots by far than the civilian population legally carrying.

We’ve been through this before. A cop will have more training than a teacher will.

Being taught what to do is different than being in an occupation where you are literally allowed to carry a gun as an option to stop bad guys as your job.

Again, we spun these circles on the old forum. No amount of training, barring prior experience in law enforcement or the military, will give a teacher the experience of training to deal with such a situation that a cop will have just by being a cop.

You are making nothing but baseless assertions.

A cop gets very little firearms training period. The vast majority of their training has absolutely nothing to do with handling firearms at all.

Cops are not a full time reaction force to mass shootings. Less than 1% of cops will ever fire a weapon in the line of duty at all other than once or twice a year on the range.

Your last is just another baseless assertion devoid of fact.

Now let’s get back to the fact that 90% of the casualties will have already occurred before police can even arrive on campus to respond to a shooting in about 95% of school shootings.

Every tick of the second hand is potentially another teacher, faculty member, or student, killed or maimed.

Another good point with which I disagree.

Training is bought and police training as a whole is crap.

Experience at what? The vast majority of police never pull leather in their careers. How many police officers do you think have experienced a school shooting?

Plus is their experience what we need in schools? As a group again, their experience of “I’m a hammer and everything is a nail!” and conflict escalation really what is needed or is it cooler heads in most cases?

What’s the mission / expectation for each group?

Who knows the kids and their abnormal behavior better?

Who chose to be there?

Who has the better temperament for it?

Why do cops get assigned to schools?

If it comes down to it, teachers will fight.

All true… well done.

You are completely mistaken. A badge is not proof of competence nor is camouflage clothing. Both are proof of attendance.

I have taught thousands of soldiers discretionary shooting. No, it’s not hyperbole. Thousands.

I’ll take an intelligent person over anything else any day. You know who my best students always were? Those who had zero shooting experience. The worst? Reservists who were cops in their day jobs.

According to liberals teachers can’t be trusted with guns to protect the children, they can only be trusted with holding a picket sign!

Its sad because case after case of school shootings always show the bravery and courage of teachers, coaches and office staff losing their lives in the futile attempt to protect the kids.

Of course they should be the first line of defense in schools.

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Armed or not they are the first line of defense in a school shooting. Some of us would prefer to give them the tools and training to allow them to do so successfully without dying in vain.

Others apparently just don’t care as long as they can push on with the gun control agenda by allowing more bodies to pile up.


No, I’m not. The average police officer will have drawn his weapon more times and had more training to deal with various shooting scenarios than the average teacher. That’s a plain old fact. Sorry you don’t like it.

0 teacher training involves firearms.

Which is still more than a teacher .

I’ve stated nothing but facts so far. I apologize for your dislike of those.

As a teacher, if a shooting happens in my school and we go on lockdown, whether or not I"m personally armed, I don’t get to abandon my classroom to go play hero.

I don’t know what the situation is. I can’t leave those kids alone in my room. My first and only job is securing my students and my classroom. If I leave to go play cowboy, now a bunch of students are sitting ducks in the classroom. I can’t expect a sub to come watch my class while I go save the day.

If I’m armed and teaching a class, the only way my gun is useful is if the shooting happens in or near my classroom. Otherwise it’s as useless as it would be sitting in a safe at home.

Exactly. Good to see you’re finally getting it.

Me and Wild Irish will take care of that.

So you two ARE waiting to take advantage of that federal money being discussed in the other thread… LOL…

Then we should do better at that. Good place to start when it comes to law enforcement accountability.

Experience enforcing the law and having that weapon at their disposal as a tool to enforce the law if needed. Simply patrolling with a sidearm gives them more experience than a teacher with a gun.

In a school shooting, there is a nail to be hammered, right?

“cooler heads” in a shooting means getting involved in the shootout, now? Is that what you’re saying?

In a school shooting, as a teacher, my job is to secure my students. I can’t just leave them alone to go play cowboy. If we’re put on lockdown, I don’t know who outside of my classroom is armed and coming for who. I can’t leave that room to go find out.

The moment a shooting happens is a bit late to be wondering about that.

Someone who has had the training to be able to deal with it.

To make everyone feel better? The difference between me, a teacher, and a cop is that I have a classroom of kids I’m accountable for most of the day. The cop doesn’t.

Of course we will. But the likelihood of an armed teacher being able to diffuse a shooting when it starts is only slightly less likely than an SRO being able to when it begins. But the SRO has the luxury of being able to respond “easily” because he doesn’t have a group of 30 kids who are now panicked to make safe.

That has always been my stance. I’ve always “gotten it.”

Nobody is asking you to leave your classroom.

I suggest you read about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Different people are intelligent at different things.

Being competent at being able to handle a crisis situation without panicking is not the same as being able to teach a class of students.

How about do a better of training the idiots that apparently don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground to shoot a gun? If you’re out there training people, and the people you’re training are so stupid and bad at what they do, it sounds like we need better trainers, right? Is that what you’re saying?

So me being armed is moot, unless the shooting happens in my classroom or I just happen to be in the right spot at the right time.