Arming Teachers Makes Perfect Sense - Logic

You aren’t going to pay for it.

No it doesn’t. You’re a victim.

I was addressing the claims of teachers off the rail and what usually happens, which is not school shootings. How do you think those children are going to react when they find out you might be carrying a gun?

How are you going to secure your students against a gun without a gun?

Good Lord. BEFORE. Who is going to see the trenchcoat / duffle bag?

They aren’t even getting there, you’re already there.

How are you going to make them safe against a gun without a gun?

So we need to put a school resource fireman there as well?

You were just going on about making them safe.

Cops train cops. I’m not a cop.

Yes, times how ever many classrooms there are. Stronghold it. Defend your 30.

The vast majority of deaths using a firearm in this country are suicides - twice as many as homicides.

Guess which profession has the lowest suicide rate - not of the two; all of them.

You haven’t offered a single fact period in this entire discussion.

99% of cops will never fire a gun in the line of duty other than once or twice a year on the range.

The average sport shooter puts many thousands of rounds down range every year.

Anyone getting trained through one of these programs is going to have at least as much if not more firearms training and specific scenario training relative to school shootings than any cop leaving the academy and of course the training doesn’t end for them there.

If you are unarmed and the shooter enters your classroom or catches you and your class in the hall all you can do is die unless you are armed and prepared to respond. The police cannot and will not magically appear to save you but they will show up in time to write it up and take pictures.

As for Playing Hero, well, that demonstrates the bankruptcy of your entire argument and your disdain for people willing to risk their lives to save yours.

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That’s generally how self defense shootings work. It isn’t a hunting license.

WOW what a way to insult the brave teachers who have lost their lives.

No one is saying abandon your classroom, but “lock down” isn’t going to stop a shooter from shooting through the lock and an armed “and trained” teacher with a gun pointing at the door has a better chance of protecting their kids then throwing cans of soup or hiding in a closet!

I’m a teacher. I’m not insulting teachers who have lost their lives. I’m denigrating the idea that I, as am armed teacher, would go off and get in a heroic shootout with a potential shooter. That’s not how this works.

Please, turn off the action movies.

Locking ourselves in a closet and barricading ourselves in, when I don’t know how many shooters there are/where they are/what they’re armed with is going to be 100% safer than anything else I could be doing at that specific moment.

DeVos wants public funds to buy guns-and the district is going to have to pony up some of the cost, which will be taxpayer money.

Yes it does. No, I’m not.

That’s another issue-making sure the gun is secure and people DO NOT KNOW who is carrying. That will help shooters avoid where to conduct their shooting.

I go and make sure the door is locked. I move students away from the doors. In a real situation, I have two closets (decent sized) in my room. I take students in there, also making sure the doors are lock, and we move some of the shelves in front of the door. And we don’t stand in front of it. It’s going to take decent firepower, bigger than is used in most school shootings, to get into that room.

The school security officer, or someone standing outside the school, will see those things before they make it into the school if it’s before school. If it’s during school, then the person would have to come in the front door, be let in by our secretary, and walk right by our SRO’s office where he is when he’s not patrolling the school.

Believe it or not, we don’t give random people with trenchcoats and dufflebags easy access to the inside of the school whenever they feel like it.

See above.

We have a very good, up-to-date fire alarm system and water system to deal with fires. And also, we can just exit the building during a fire and be safe.

Nice try, though! You probably shouldn’t try using that example again, though-it’s not a good comparison.

Then whoever is training cops need to either be better at it, or we need better people, like you, training the trainers.

There will never be a full school of armed teachers in the US.

All I have offered is facts.

Which is more than teachers will have, as I’ve said before. Fact.


Nonsense. Don’t be butthurt about the term. It’s an accurate description of how many gunslingers in the US, like LaVoy Finicum, imagine the world to be.

That actually works. Hinges too.

For police training.

Yes, you’re a victim of propaganda.

Myth. They are using emotion, not logic. They target.

Not true. What are the doors made of?

Obviously not.

It’s a great comparison. You just don’t get it. You, the teacher, are expected to deal with a fire but you claim you can’t deal with a shooter? You don’t give yourself enough credit.

You can’t always get out of a burning building.

You won’t pay for it.

Doesn’t need to be. We’ll need some luck though.

Did you get an answer?

What does having experience in law enforcement have to do with it? The goal is to stop an active shooter as soon as possible to minimize casualties, not to arrest them.

Not yet, but I’m hopeful.

Excellent point … one which liberals steadfastly refuse to admit.

Well, you did don’t get that one. It went right over your head. :wink:

No, I’m not.

No, it wasn’t a myth. If they know which teacher is armed, they will avoid that teacher’s area of the school and conduct the shooting somewhere else. These aren’t random, spur of the moment events. They’re typically planned out.

Very thick wood. And some metal. If you’re sitting there with your back to the hallway shooting at my door, you’re more likely to be shot by our SRO than you are to shoot your way through the doors.

Try it. Get a black trenchcoat, put a bunch of long pipes in a dufflebag, and try walking into your nearest public school at a random hour of the day.

Why do I need to shoot my way through it, I’ll just shoot through it. How many you think I’ll get?

It’s a bad comparison.

We don’t have police hiding in our pipes ready to burst out when a bullet flies the way we have water in pipes ready to spray out when smoke is detected.

I have multiple exist to the school-many ways out during a fire. Not just 1.

I CAN deal with a shooter. I’ve described some of the ways I would do so. If the shooter puts a few in my back when I’m turned the other way, a gun will not help.

I’ll pay for training, or the gun, or insurance for that person to be able to carry at school in some form or fashion.

A lot of luck. And for the shooter to not know who is packing.

I believe the average law enforcement officer is a lot less likely to get himself shot, or to shoot someone else, while trying to stop a shooter.

Back at ya.