Arms Vaults in Schools?

This is like an insurance policy. The mere fact that this stuff is in place, would move a shooter to a softer target. You know, like a gun free zone.


next best thing to throngs of armed gaurds

love this common sense !

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there is no “perfect” solution

dont let perfect be the enemy of effective


do you seriously think an 8 year old is going to confuse a gun safe with the crayon cabinet, and then open it?

(someone on left really would, so serious question)

Yeah, but a solution that ends up with kids locked in class rooms during a fire night not even be “good”. Right?

Relax, it was a joke.

Im sure they understand the distinction.

Im not sure i would trust 100% of 8 years olds not to take advantage of the situation.

as opposed to being locked in same room while murdering maniac goes door to door?

8 year-olds aren’t going to get access. In this case, it doesn’t sound like teachers or administrators will either.

So would it be better for all doors to be unlocked where the shooter and children could move about freely?

Which is more probable?

when it comes to this i’m always relaxed

i am sure. no 8 year will take “advantage” of the situation

No, but @tnt raises a valid point. And what happens when the electricity goes out?

This is what a gun safe looks like. I doubt it will be confused with crayon storage.


The best thing we can do is train for these types of scenarios and figure out the best methods for dealing with them.

To me, it is better to have a shooter confined to the smallest area possible. Limit the damage, and respond with overwhelming force. These guys do not want to negotiate. They want a body count. For most of them, they want a forced suicide with an audience.

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There are about 4,000 school fires reported a year. Far more probable than shootings.

I can see having a panic button at the teacher’s desk for that room.

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Or how about locks that open from the inside only?

That might work with the panic button idea. So no one can get in, but people can get out.

Possibility. A lot of thought needs to be put into it. And testing.

A fire is a very real possibility. All windows in a classroom should be designed as a route of egress over a crowded hallway.

I think by the time the teacher knows what is going on it is too late. In Uvalde, the police and the admin knew about the shooter in the school before any of the teachers did.

yeah. In general, locking people into rooms is a dangerous idea.

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