Are Hispanics turning republican?

A poll on the recall of governor Newsom shows he’s winning the vote so far, but that the majority of hispanics are against him. This is the trend that turned Florida and Texas solid red. And it makes sense as most hispanics are Entrepreneurial and religious. Just like Conservatives.

Now I’m not sure we can trust the elections in Cal with the dems vote harvesting schemes and teams but who knows what the future holds.

" Many minority voters who routinely vote Democratic have found it impossible to secure a place in the middle class. The Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, says the walls against economic advancement are causing a political reassessment. “Our values are faith, family, and free enterprise. We’re entrepreneurs. We want to thrive; we don’t want to survive,” he told The Atlantic magazine."

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They should stop being tools of the democratic party who promises everything and delivers nothing.

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Latinos have been. Not en masse. For a variety of reasons

Time to import some more gop voters….

Oh hell no! We don’t need a more crowded country. Crowded countries are miserable countries. This ■■■■ is already out of control.

It’s hard for me to believe majority of hispanics vote gop. May be small portion.

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The hispanicos are voting wrong.


All Hispanics aren’t of a piece.

Hispanics in Arizona favored Biden because of GOP policies there.

Hispanics in Florida…many of whom are Cuban…despised Biden and the Democrats because of their openness policies towards Cuba.

Time to stop thinking of different races and groups of people as monolithic blocs.


If I recall correctly, GWB got about 40% of Texas Hispanic vote. Republicans rely on a significant minority of that vote. I would not assume that holds true with more recent arrivals, though.

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I believe he cleared 30 percent nationally In 2004

Trump didn’t do that bad either. He was pretty close to 30 as well

The NEP national exit poll showed that President George W. Bush had taken 44 percent of the Hispanic vote—a 10 percentage point increase over his share in 2000.

If this poll is accurate, Hispanics have actually somewhat soured on GOP in the last decade and a half.

Boring broken record. We heard this both about hispanic and black populations in 2020, or have people already forgotten about those failed prognostications?

Would you join a party that love to use the phrase “go back to your own country “?

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Yes, the leftist elites have lost touch with “Latinx” voters:

if i loved and appreciated the country to which i fought to become a citizen, i would.

would you join a party that flings open wide the gates and says “come one come all” during a pandemic?

Is that aimed at Hispanics or is that aimed at people who are in the country illegally and actually do have a country that is theirs to go home to?

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“The party” never said any such thing.

Why would I join a party of higher taxes and giveaways?

No, but Trump did:

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done”

And Trump is only the man that most Republican support. Pretty much the leader of the party at this point. So I think the point is legitimate.

That insult is aim at any non white person who say anything negative about America.

Really? Who said it to whom? I personally have never heard someone say that.