April 5 Jobs Report: Full-time Jobs Below Trend and Dropping

Numbers speak for themselves

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According to the data, since last Nov 30, the US has lost 1.8 million full-time jobs
That is 446,000 full-time jobs lost every month!

We are running out of full-time jobs faster than we are running out of oil.
We definitely seem to be past “peak jobs.”

(It doesn’t actually happen this way but, in a pure mathematical sense, at the current rate, the last American will lose his full-time job in 25 years, when today’s college students are in their 40’s.)

More here.
Americans (born here of any parentage) are losing jobs.

Foreigners are gaining jobs.


some of the foreign born are citizens, i have a co worker who signed on the work with ATT full time two years while still with green card status. born in the Ukraine. became a citizen last year. wife, one child. he NOT a foreigner
anymore, just a naturalized United States citizen.


PS-his telecommunications skills are above reproach.

Yes the US issues 85,000 H1-B visas, which lead to citizenship, per year.

  • up to 65,000 to persons with a bachelors (only,
  • and the balance (20,000+) for persons with at least a masters.

Should I back-out 85k from the 1.266m jobs that went to persons born abroad? Or would you rather do the math yourself?

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Here’s a brief discussion on this report:


So how many monthly losses of full-time jobs do we need before it’s a (real) trend?

I dunno six maybe?
Two quarters with net losses?

did not immigrate via H1-B.


maybe when they drop the pre pandemic number.

just a thought.


2,661,880 foreign born people became United states citizens in the past 3 years though the naturalization process.

they need jobs, do they not?

or perhaps you want them using social services taxpayer money to live?

its good to see them seeking and getting employment.



Recession was out the window a long time ago, sooooo… :wink:

No, naturalizing 2,661,880 criminals who broke our border laws is NOT the same as coming here through the naturalization process.

You know this is true

Relative to labor force, that has already happened.

Relative to population, that has happened technically but it’s probably within the margin of survey error. Next month I guess.

yes but what about the rest of my post that you cut.

those foreigners (naturalized) citizens also are employed.


Most are not and work at companies like I work at fortune 100 companies the vast majority are H1B visas by a large margins in the tech fields.

Since ~1970 every time there is a 1% Y-oY drop in full-time employment, we called it a recession.

But things are (D)ifferent now.

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Different? Yes.
Remember all those reports about the “dramatic rise” in new factories being constructed,
after the US gov spent our money to build them via CHIPS Act and Green Car subsidies?

Well things are different now only we don’t seem to be reading about the dramatic drop that followed. (I wonder why?)

lol. they immigrated legally to the united states, got their green card, waited the obligatory waiting time. (5 years in most cases), passed a background check, passed an interview, and finally passed a civics test and take an oath

here are the steps to become a united states citizen.


But hey, not all the news is bad.

McDonald’s, AirBnB and super eight are still expanding at rapid levels.