April 5 Jobs Report: Full-time Jobs Below Trend and Dropping

Only truth to your post is that we handed out US passports to foreign born criminals as a reward for being foreign born criminals.

“Look we handed them passports that mans the border is secure, the economy is fine and Biden is doing a super job. Crank up that printing press even faster and the border and the jobs situation gets even better.”

Broke the law came here.
Broke the law worked illegally.

came here legally
Eventually got handed a US passport.
See the difference or pretend you don’t see it. I don’t care.

By your logic we could totally eliminate the problem if we just handed out passports at the border.

no sure why your animosity towards foreign born citizens.

they worked real hard to become citizens.

jumped though all the govt hoops.

they gained employment.

they did what the government required to become a good productive citizen.


I think of it this way

Jan 1 2024
San Francisco legalizes shoplifting, exonerates all past criminals

Jan 2 2024
Alan declares “Biden a crime-fighting success story, 2023 nd 2022 had the lowest crime rates ever!”

Same exact thing, only different crime,

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It’s just not as exciting when a lib actually waits to see what (D)addy really does before licking his boots raw. :wink:

Here’s this headline:


On the bright side there’s likely more low-wage, dead-end part time jobs that don’t require much of an education, skills, nor English out there!

wages are up.

google is your friend.


Alan is (now) correct about that.

As of Dec 2023 wages finally caught up with inflation and real wages are now 1.2% higher than they were pre-pandemic.

Folks have been saying that for a long time,and for a long time they’ve been wrong.

They have been conflating

  • wages (the cash money ya get from your boss for work) with income (a much braider term that includes income from owning an Airbnb, with
  • income from all sources incl. welfare checks, imputed income from the cost of employer-provided health benefits etc…

1.2% since pre-pandemic is not a lot, but it is more than pre-pandemic, so, after saying it for a long time, they are now (finally) right.)

Not what I said.

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According to themuse.com (I never heard of it until a few days ago when my MS-Copilot used it as a source) there are in fact “more low-wage, dead-end part time jobs that don’t require much of an education, skills, nor English out there!”

According to their count (not mine):
GM is hiring 537 people
Gannett is hiring 255 people
Buzzoto is hiring 244 people
Kohl’s is hiring 2,451 people
Walgreens is hiring 10,000+ people ← I’m not making that up there are 8.708 Walgreen’s stores in the US

Sure seems like an unusual balance. Imagine an entire economy built that way, where year after year lousy jobs so vastly outnumber good jobs.

Which is why any jobs report has to be taken with a grain of salt under the conditions of an open border. Lib economics 101 seems to be to arbitrarily flood the nation with millions and millions of the world’s uneducated, unskilled, unemployed (and largely unemployable) labor, along with some murderers, rapists, criminals, gang members, etc. Note that a portion of them get largely low wage, dead end, part time or temporary jobs, while spending billions of dollars to support this open border, then shout from the mountain tops that we have the greatest economy ever!

lol. thanks for conformation for dispeling the low wage myth.


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so wages are up. thanks for agreeing with me.


i looked at the website (thanks for the link). ATT is looking for a Director of Marketing in Dallas
pay between 175 and 250 a year. not bad.


Meanwhile, here is the wage progress of low wage (retail/food-service) workers (almost exactly 10% of the workforce.)

Reading comprehension is essential.

What Al and ostensibly most open border libs don’t understand is that wages are commensurate with the cost of living. Unless one is living with their parents, $20/hr in a state like NJ is a low wage job.

either wages are up or wages are down.

cant be both, nice straddle of the fence.


wheres you famous arrow pointing slightly up.


In the post you responded to I didn’t make any comment regarding the trend of wages.

My wages are up. 4% every year. Everything looks rosy to me.