Good News? March 2024 Jobs Report

Nobody has. I have walked to work with mouths to feed. So have others.

Get a black friend.

You first

I am black.

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Well, anyway, it’s a good jobs report.

It’s awight.

It’s campaign season though. The liars and their stupids are out in full retard gear. lol


You guessed right.

The financial media is (finally) beginning to cover the impact of a flood of foreigners into the job market. (CNBC probably mentioned it 4-6times in the hour before today’s job report.

Anyway, I started a new thread for the new month’s job report.

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200,000 per month illegals
316,000 high school graduates (3.8M/11)

516,000 jobs needed per month on those two demographics alone.

I love it when people do these kinds of number comparisons. It reminds me of back on the previous forum where we had to explain over and over and over again to some posters how a job report showing 200,000 job growth is not balanced out and in the negative because of 205,000 in weekly first time jobless claims. But the principle is the same.

Thanks. Glad you like it.

You get the whole idea that people also leave the work force right? For your numbers to make sense(and its an awful comparison of thrown together numbers) no one would be leaving the workforce. Does that make sense?

I know that those two demographics definitely need 516,000 jobs per month alone. Immediately.

I don’t think I said “new jobs”, did I?

If you want to subtract your numbers from that total, go ahead.

I gave the numbers I wanted to and that confirm my bias.

But don’t whine so early on a Saturday morning.

Your numbers of what is needed are wrong. For instance, 30% of those high schoolers already have jobs.

About 10,000 people a day for the next 15 years or so.

From the actual report:



bad assumptions a lot of the so called illegal are asylum seekers not eligible for employment (green card needed)

they are sucking up social services taxpayer supplied support.


You’re wrong.

i am wrong that foreigners need a green card (or DACA) for employment?

you dont know what you are talking about.


Yes. You are wrong. You need to do some research.

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