Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


It’s amazing to me that intelligent people really do not comprehend the ramifications of what they are protecting.


Yeah… she seems perfectly reasonable.


Be proud this day my friend and remember it well where you stood on this.


What is the remedy?

The government forcing social media platforms to carry content that they don’t want to carry?


That ALL are treated equally the same. This has a political bias that is beyond obvious and is dangerous to us all.


A fairness doctrine?



Agreed, making Alex Jones your standard bearer is revealing.


Remember this day. The day you called a Q-anon lite social media hustler a “journalist”.



Again…let me repeat myself. The double standard should scare all Americans.


It’s more like I understand why you refer to yourself as “cynic”.


So, temporary shadow banning (not showing up first in twitter searches) by an automated process is evidence of political discrimination?


You are out front demanding that private companies be a microphone for this piece of human excrement.

All your choice.


Do you know what happens when an account is mass-reported?


Ah, you believe her then?


Alex “the martyr” Jones.


And lefties accuse those same platforms of bias against them.

"Facebook’s efforts to appease right-wing critics have distorted the outlet’s political influence in many obvious ways. In response to the hearings on bias in Congress, Facebook hired conservative lobbyist Jon Kyl to lead a review. A six month study by Media Matters found that right-leaning pages continue to rack up more interactions on their posts than left-leaning or politically neutral pages, and conservative memes are by far the highest performing political content on the platform. But here’s a data point that hits close to home:

In general, Facebook treats Pod Save America the same as it treats InfoWars—the propaganda channel Alex Jones uses to spread conspiracy theories, and, more recently, to threaten violence against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Not even our most dishonest critics on the right make that comparison, because it’s ludicrous. But if Facebook took any steps to distinguish between Pod Save America and InfoWars in their algorithms, those same critics would disingenuously accuse Facebook of being biased against conservatives."

So stop with the CEC victimhood.


That she is a crank that is stoking up fears to sell products for her boss?

Yeah… I don’t mind taking that position.


It’s a baaaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaad one.


What… That she is a nutbag?

Nope… not a bad position to take at all.

It is a reality based one.


I don’t this guy at all, but I don’t see how he became so well known, even in small circles. Is it more because of the people he surrounds himself with, who make Infowars so popular, or would it crumble if Jones were to stay in the background?