Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


They are lemmings.


…first one group, then another, then another…then you.


But where this situation is the problem is that those Platforms are not Abiding their TOS across the board equally. Especially when they give the excuse that he promoted Hate Speech and Violence. So they should apply that across the board fairly so should Apple And Facebook remove Snoops Video of him shooting a clown Trump ? It promotes Violence and Hate.

These platforms should have sited the TOS where they can remove you from the platform for any reason. That should have been what they said. But they screwed it up and gave a way for Alex Jones play victim and possible lawsuit.


TOS is never applied equally, really.

Much harder to do it on a larger scale as well, where you have to automate some of this stuff.

Strictly speaking, Trump should have been banned from twitter years ago for routinely violating TOS. But can you imagine the ■■■■ storm if they tried it?

Jones was always going to play the victim, and his fans were always going to side with him.


I hope they get hammered. What just happened is an all out attack on the free speech of one political side while at the same time, promoting the meme they want to propagate. Since they all colluded together to accomplish this, it’s beyond scary and all Americans should agree with this. It’s just a matter of time before this turns on them.


Sure I can, that could possibly result in congressional action. Which I think will end up happening eventually. I don’t think removing Jones will have that result on its own though. And before you claim they are private companies and the government can’t do anything you may want to stop and count how many federal regulations are currently imposed on private business.


They could absolutely force twitter and other social media outlets to do business with people it doesn’t want to or has moral objections to serving.

The 180’s compared to the cake-baking would be fun to watch.

Don’t think it’s going to happen though. And yeah, especially not over Alex Jones. Cruz might be trying to hold him up as a symbol to rally his base for the current cycle, but I don’t think Jones is going to engender wider support in Congress or in the public.


No 180 required, the difference between a local baker and these giant near monopolies is rather significant. Pretty easy to find another baker to make you a cake, not so easy to find access to so many possible viewers/readers. If it were up to me and they continued to discriminate politically I’d say they need to be broken up as dangerous monopolies who are a threat to free speech.


Discriminate politically.

I keep seeing this banning of Alex Jones referred to as an attack on conservatism, is he officially a conservative pundit now?


My views have remained consistent

You have a right to free speech.

You do not have a right to someone else’s platform.

How about you? Have your views remained consistent? Do you believe that someone has a right to someone else’s platform? How long have you had that opinion?


This is hilarious given your position on net neutrality.


Anyone want to see Jones continuing to enjoy his free speech?

It is right here…

Bookmark it in your browser.

You are welcome.


When the Platform claims that it is Neutral politically and a free speech defender.
Again if FB and Apple and Youtube came out and claimed that per their TOS they can remove any content with out reason then It would be fine.
Problem I see they tried to claim other reasons. In doing so they have not applied it fairly across the board.
The time is ripe for another company to step in to replace Facebook and Youtube. I think the current climate a new company would do very well.


Not some niche site with no traffic either.


I am not talking about Jones. There are numerous other examples.


No-one will replace youtube because it’s not profitable. It’s never really made money.

Now with the adpocalyse it’s losing even more.

Facebook sure, it’s not like they have a Govt-enforced monopoly or something. It’s already way out of fashion with younger people.


Like? Milo? Laura Loomer?




No, like Ted Cruz being shadow banned.


They can claim whatever the hell they want.

It isn’t legally binding.

Everyone who uses those platforms has agreed to the TOS… which can be changed at any time.

Why? Because it is their playground. A service that they offer for free… heck some get paid to use it.