Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


If these are no longer open platforms they become liable for publishing slander/defamation.

I can’t stand AJ but I also oppose quelling free speech.

Either they are open platforms or they are not.


Now I understand this better. Alex Jones has many journalists that work under the name InfoWars but Jones is the only one that I’ve placed on my blacklist. As I pointed out earlier, one such journalist I’ll occassionally listen to is Millie Weaver. She’s a cute blonde that goes into a left wing hateful situation and asks them good common sense questions. The responses clearly depict the mindset and mentality of the group being interviewed. Then you as the listener can decide for yourself where you stand on this issue. It appears that Twitter, Facebook, Apple and a few other tech giants all joined together and banned InfoWars with in a 12 hour period. If you want to see “collusion”, we just did. I may not like what Alex Jones has to say…ever again…but…you can not prohibit free speech. That’s more dangerous than Alex Jones…PERIOD!!!

Congress needs to act on this…immediately.


By doing what?


They aren’t open platforms.

No one’s speech has been infringed.

No one has a right to publish whatever they want on YouTube and the like.


I don’t know the remedy but this is a serious problem that they should address IMO.



Great policy


If I fill in the blank, it should be something of substance. Please forgive me that I don’t consider myself informed enough to fill in the blank. You probably do have a good answer and I’d listen to it. Please share…



“Remember: you are a guest here. It is not censorship if you violate the rules and your post is deleted. All civilizations have rules and if you violate them you can expect to be ostracized from the tribe.”


Is this for some forum that they have? What is your point? They did it…so we can too?



It is hilarious to call on Congress to do something about someone’s rights not being infringed by anyone.

Go with that.


How 'bout … the government should stop using them… to begin with.

Then, if the government has any contracts with these companies, the terms of the contract can dictate certain requirements that pertain to access. The companies would be free to not enter into the contract… so this is not a case of government control.

Not sure if other taxpayer funded resources or tax benefits are given to these companies but if so… snip.

Some may want the government to be real cozy with these companies because of the cool factor and because these companies are indeed on the cutting edge. But when the cutting edge has the power to effective ly censor, the government must choose. And the right choice is to support the constitution.

If sending a few federal dollars to local schools makes the football coach so much a representative of Congress that he cannot pray on the field, then sending tax dollars to these companies for any reason should cast their refusal to give platform to a political voice as the equivalent of government censoring.

And… for the record… I’ve never heard or read one complete Alex Jones message. The only time I have paid ANY attention is when Libs highlight something he says or writes.


It is there job to protect the 1st Amendment.


The 1st amendment was not violated.

So there is no action to protect against.


Publishing rules.

It’s standard TOS across virtually every platform.

Do you think Alex Jones has abided by the TOS on Facebook, Apple store, twitter etc etc?


Being banned from an online forum is a violation of 1st amendment rights!



This is just hysterical. This isn’t a first amendment issue. Such drama. You want the government to come in and say “You have to let the ■■■■■■■ post” but you’d lose your ■■■■ if they came in and said “bake the ■■■■■■■ cake”.


The sources that colluded, make up a monopoly of speech.


How do you know that they colluded and even if they did, I hear it on good authority that collusion is not a crime.


Each entity banned Infowars within a 24 hour period of each other. It’s either collusion or a hell of a coincidence? Which do you think it is?



They weren’t willing to be the first. Apple took the plunge.