Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


Try and post his ■■■■ here and see what happens.


How funny. Even Alex Jones doesn’t let you say everything you want. Great post.


Funny. You now know what collusion is.


Maybe someone should start a serious thread about how the Sandy Hook Shootings never happened and the grieving families were all crises actors hired by Soros.

See how far that gets.


Wow. She’s a nutcase like he is. Who’d want to defend that garbage?


From her Twitter feed she looks like nothing more than a typical internet troll. But Smyrna seems to have a crush on her so I guess that’s kinda cute. But I see nothing in her feed that makes me want to think she’s any different than any other troll with an internet connection.


So if they were correct in doing so, why did they reverse the decision a short time later? You really need to step back a tad and reexamine this. It isn’t good for anybody.


The irony, Infowars terms of service.


Another fan of removing the 1st.


Dude, you have no freedom to say everything HERE that you want.


Again, not a 1st A issue.


Wait… who are you talking about?

I was simply saying that Millie Weaver is a nutbag.

I am not sure what you are even arguing here.


Here… go and get the Infowars app.

Enjoy Alex Jones exercising his 1st amendment rights without any hinderance.



Send us your money!


The fact that crap likes Jones’ is now being defended brings me back to the time when this kind of right-wing stuff was called crazy and readily dismissed. That’s not the case anymore thanks to Rush, Savage, Fox and Trump. Stupidity is legitimized now. And it’s sad because real conservatives deserve to be heard. Alex Jones is not real conservatism


I think you’ve been here a while, Smyrna, and if so, you probably remember the edict that Lee Kingston enforced here against posting 9/11 conspiracy crap. (I can’t remember if it was a simple deletion or a ban, but knowing the way Lee worked, I’d bet it was a ban.) Were you against that then or now? I’d guess not then and probably not now.


@GWHughes Why were these topics all moved to OtB? It’s a perfectly legitimate political topic.


This whole thread makes me laugh. Twitter isn’t some federally funded public utility. They obtain income from promoted tweets (advertisers) and selling twitter archive data to other companies.

Are there some forums members here who are paying for Twitter or something and a have a special contract that I’m unaware of?

maybe we can boycott the service that we don’t pay for in the first place


yeah, now i’ve gotten confused. some thread merge has mixed different services together into one thread. whoops.


OP kept starting new threads because the first one, which seemed perfectly fine in the politics forum, got moved here. He didn’t know because he didn’t/doesn’t have access to OTB, so he kept starting new ones when they would get moved.

Not really sure why this was necessary.