Apparent terrorist attack against pipeline in Canada, how will Trudeau respond?

I hear he got in last time by the skin of his teeth last time anyway.

It was reported he actually got less votes than his conservative opponent. I don’t get it but then i don’t get the parlimentary system.

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Is Canada being annexed by Biden or something?

I see parallels between the First-Nations protests in Canada have a lot of parallels with the BLM protests in the US. They have the approval and protection of government officials and allies in the state-controlled media.

My understanding is that Trudeau did little to interfere with the First-Nation protests even when they became violent. He never seized the assets of individuals and organizations that supported them. He never declared a national emergency. He never used hackers to dox donors.


That’s an excellent observation on your part my friend and spot on.

It looks like a police officer was injured in the violent attack.

Can you imagine if anyone even remotely related to the truckers did something like this? Trudeau and his allies in the US media would be screaming: Armed Insurrection! Treason! Terrorism!

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…and there’s no question about it. :+1:

There it is “can you imagine”. Clearly all of you guys can.

An act of terrorism would be described as an act of terrorism. To the fainting couches

I don’t think many people outside of center city Ottawa want the mandates a single day longer.

Brandeau has ceded the moral high ground for what is to come.

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Really? Now show me where the MSM described the “mostly peaceful protest” as an act of terrorism?

Yes really. In your imagined scenario an act of terrorism would be commited so what should it be described as.

Show you what? An imaginary news article about an imaginary event?

Are you even following your own exchange in this thread?

You loose…again. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


I’m thinking these boards need a “Canada” sub category now.

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It’s lose

You were discussing an imagined event with In your rush to try be right you don’t even know what i responded to. Clearly.

Just to refresh your recollection.

The Deep State is fighting a proxy war to end democracy in Canada.

The US is next if they succeed in Canada.

Good gravy! That sounds bad.

Members of First Nations are apparently exempt from the restrictions on protests in Trudeau’s emergency order, yet their prior protests have history of violence. Amazing chutzpah.

'Murica should’ve done that a long time ago. Should’ve kept Mexico too.


Tequila sales alone would probably pay for that :grin:


No Blood For Booze!