Apparent terrorist attack against pipeline in Canada, how will Trudeau respond?

Tequila sales alone would probably pay for that :grin:


No Blood For Booze!


There is a great line in Andy Weir new book that says that every war ever fought was fought over food.

Andy Weir wrote one of my favorite short stories ever. It was also featured on Kurzgesagt.



Where is this deep state? Can I visit? I keep hearing about it…

Do you believe that members of First Nations should be exempt from the emergency order that applies to other Canadians?

The logical next step is for the truckers is to make sure that their protests are led by truckers who are First Nation members.

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You know the whole evil forces are working to end democracy thing is about 150 years old right. You also know that endless wars are a propaganda tactic to tell you who to be afraid of and who to blame for your woes in life. Not you personally but in general.

I don’t believe that I am a member of First Nations nor do we live in Canada.

But to answer your questions. Sure why not. I think the mandates can wind down in general. I have issues with government mandates when it comes to masks and vaccinations in general. It should be done on a private level but let’s be honest you guys don’t like that either.

Yes, freedom has become dirty word for the authoritarian left.

Instead of dying on the beaches of Normandy, Americans and Canadians should have surrendered to the fascist National Socialists and saved countless lives.

Cuba. Should have kept Cuba

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Should’ve annexed the whole Caribbean.

The emergency order severely restricts protests. It is being used as pretext to confiscate funds from individuals and organizations that support the truckers.

Should the same rules apply to First Nation protestors as well? Past protests have attacked pipelines, burned dozens of churches, and disrupted transportation by rail and water.

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Dramatic posts are dramatic. Let the war continue. Fight that good fight.

In Canada.

Biden demanded that Trudeau use federal powers to crush the trucker protests. Trudeau responded with issuing the emergency order and using anti-terrorism laws to confiscate funds and threaten donors.

The Biden administration has done nothing against the hacker who claims responsibility for the attack on GiveSendGo, which is based in the US.

Washington is driving the crackdown in Canada.

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No he didn’t. He commented on the protest he didn’t demand what you say he demanded.

LOL hoping they will bring Canada to their knees.

BC has been very heavy handed with pipeline protesters.

Maxime seem to not understand how to read.

they are not exempt, reservation are exempt because they are semi-independent.