Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


You don’t think “Freshman” means something else?


I can see her making a run.


Well normally they are supposed to keep quiet and not voice their opinion. But some people-coughrightwingmediacough-talked about her so much that they made her the most famous freshman House member I’ve ever heard of period.


Well when an avowed full-blown socialist gets into the house, it’s kinda big news.


Donald is destroying their brand from within on a daily basis, and they’re running around with their hair on fire everytime some CEC hack speculates Clinton will run again and the statements of a young freshman congressperson.


Pace yourself, I hear ten years is like, a whole decade long.


Is she a socialist in the same way that Trump is an authoritarian?


If you don’t keep the masses distracted with talk of radical communists invading the government or the possible return of their Antichrist, they might have a enough time to wonder whether or not Donald hasn’t screwed the party and by extension the nation.


She would have been a two day story for upsetting a long time incumbent exceptnypur folks came to the truly brilliant decision that making essentially the anti-Hillary the face of the Democratic Party-young, pretty, charismatic, uncorrupted by the system and comes across as totally sincere-was gonna be a death blow because she has Bernie’s politics.


I think times are a changing. Some freshmen Congresscritters are going to start pushing ideas right away, even if the ideas aren’t going to get anywhere in bills.

There seems to be so much complacency in Congress.


You need war dogs like Pelosi, inspirational figureheads like AoC, and policy wonks to have a productive and popular Democratic Party.

You don’t need any of that on the Republican side.


How dare she. Also by predicting this I predict you just actually made this not an accurate prediction.


And then the coup de grace: release a video that shows her dancing like Shakira to pop music young people like with a bunch of other hot chicks. It’ll kill her! Lol


Eh, I watched this with the Tea Partiers in 2010. They thought just saying things would somehow change centuries old rules in the House.


To be fair, it did reaffirm to the “Git off mah lawn” demographic that she was a dangerous radical.

Them hips don’t lie!


Yeah, that was just stupid.


Actually, I disagree. Older guys are rarely opposed to hot girls being sexy. The younger red pill/incel crowd went nuts over it.

My theory is that being as in touch with modern culture as they are, the GOP thought those clowns along with the 4chan trolls were the hip online demographic to counter the masterful way Obama worked the web.


If she’s smart, she’ll pull a Joe Biden. The Regular Joe thing. Catch the Amtrak home to the Boogie Down, that kinda thing.


She’s smart, and totally genuine. She’s gonna be pissing a lot of people off for a very long time.


The parallels between her and young Biden are pretty interesting. Biden was an idealistic outsider elected at a super young age as one of the “Watergate babies” in the midterm following Nixon’s re-election and was never in his forty years career interested in money.

Admittedly, it was because he wanted power to change things. And he got co-opted by the system eventually just like AOC will, but politicians who don’t particularly care about money are the most dangerous pols on Earth.

On the other side of the aisle, Henry Kissinger has always been like that. And he leveraged that into even to those day being one of the most if not the most influential foreign policy guru in the world. Even Trump brought him in for a chat.