Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


You’d think she was the second coming of Clinton the way some here are following/fretting over her.


Yeah, draconian gun control and taxes out the ass, in addition to a radical environmental agenda… we should just ignore that.


It appears that she is trying to drain the swamp from the top down. Shes talking about what God sent Trump here to do…but has not done.


And yet according to some she has no power. Can’t get a bill to committee. Nobody’s following her. Freshman.

Sounds about as influencial as an American Mirror op-ed writer. :rofl:


And there are many on the left - on here - worshipping the ground she walks on already.

Does she or doesn’t she have significant influence?


She hasn’t been asked to referee a Steelers’ game yet, I think you’re safe. :wink:



10 sighs.


All kidding aside, listen. She’s the current rockstar of the Democratic Party. She’s young, attractive, and hits all the demographic sweet spots that the left adores and the right wrings their hands over. And yes, she says some bombastic and radical things. But she’s a freshman.

If you want to worry about clueless individuals pushing policy and perspectives that are damaging the nation, start with the current occupant of the White House and work your way down.

(By the way, did you see someone wrote an op-ed speculating Hillary may run again? My pearls are already sweaty from all the clutching I’ve done!)


Well, as a single childless guy who rents, I got a nice bump on my refund with the doubling of the individual deduction. If you have multiple kids (especially unmarried), a mortgage and a home equity line you didn’t use for home improvements (which is most everyone who has one), you got totally ■■■■■■■


So I should pay attention to the president and his cluelessness, but not even consider anything coming from the other side, including her. Got it.

Never mind she wants people to give up their cars and furnaces within ten years.


Now I KNOW you aren’t comparing the power Donald currently holds with the influence a freshman congressperson wields. That would just be sillypants.


She is a member of Congress, is she not? We should ignore congress? Ok.

I’m looking forward to seeing how she’s going to travel without airplanes in 10 years under her proposal.


You aren’t even allowed to get a bill out of committee til about your third term as a congressman. I mean, has Trump been making big unilateral changes like you’ve been cheering on the last two years or not?


Donald is doing real damage to your party (I’m assuming you’re a registered Republican), and here you are parroting the panicked rhetoric of the CEC. “She wants to get rid of airplanes! She wants us all walking everywhere! SHE’ll KOMMA-NYZE US ALL!”

Meanwhile, I’m over here wetting myself with everyone else because someone said Hillary will “most certainly/likely/maybe/okay probably not/I’m full of it just writing clickbait” run again! :scream:


“But she said no more airplanes in ten years! That’s, like, only a decade away!”


Yeah Hillary isn’t running. Meanwhile AOC is actually putting forth proposals with other members of Congress that contain all these draconian measures.


Why should freshmen be quiet? They don’t get to voice their opinions? They aren’t allowed to represent their constituents?


And cow farts - at least that was on her website.


The reason why the repubs are all so scared is because they know they’ve been gaming elections and they are terrified that eventually it’ll come clean that almost nothing they like is actually popular.

There’s a reason the GOP can’t win a fair election.


I’d keep a close eye on her, she’s likely going to be your president in about ten years. If Hillary doesn’t make her disappear, that is.