Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


Then how do you know whether or not you should be concerned?


Based on the words and actions of those freaking the ■■■■ out over a rep that has only been in office for a month


According to wikipedia, she graduated cum laude in international relations and economics .


Because I’m not chicken little. What are the chances of her proposal even making it through the House much less becoming law? Zero?


Seems as though we are back to the mocking.

In that short month, she has laid out a set of objectives and a timeline. Not fear, incredulity. Mocking. Taunting in some cases.

And cringing from her own side.

92% of democrats polled supported her program before even seeing it. A reaction is required.


Given the support in the polls, definitely not zero. You are underestimating her. That is a mistake.


Nope zero. Even if passed it is a non-binding measure without teeth.

And how is it a mistake for me to underestimate her?


Until it’s not. She is not going to be denied. She is a voice of a new era. A leader and change is imminent.


Well you sure are impressed


So she should just be ignored? Ok.


Very. I’ve seen it before.


People are confusing goofy and ditzy for stupidity.


Could be, but I don’t think she’s either.

She’s an observable reaction to the situation; just like Trump was. She is modeling his campaign success.


Dont worry you are safe for 8 more years.


Nobody is “learning” anything from AOC, least of all us. We are simply using her as a proxy for pre-existing ideological divides. There is nothing new. And the media is using her as click bait to make money.


There’s nothing to learn from the green new deal. It’s a rallying cry for hard left and hard right. That’s it. There’s not supposed to be any substance.


Meh. She’s a convenient foil to trump riding a social media wave. When he’s gone, her appeal will dwindle. You drastically overestimate her. That’s not a mistake by the way. It’s a harmless misassessment.


So…you think she was asking those pointed questions because SHE needed to figure it out? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I want her out there talking and speaking her mind…she might be best thing that happen to repugs.

Right now she a gift that keeps on giving.


What are you mumbling on about?