Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


I always find it cute that people think the President is the most important position.


Underestimating her. A mistake.


She’s not alone.


You made her sound pretty feckless earlier in this thread.


She’s not going anywhere but up.


Get your mocking meter calibrated.


I find it hilarious that people are fretting over a freshman like she’s more of a threat to their party than Donald.


I’m not at your level of subtlety. Few are. :wink:


There you go.


Trump Nation is desperate for someone, anyone to distract from the horror show that is Donald. Hillary won’t oblige them by announcing a 2020 run, Sanders isn’t generating enough buzz. But hey - here’s a freshman congresswoman talking about getting rid of airplanes!



Of all the exiles to return, I’m happiest to see you. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and you aren’t a blind follower of Donald. :slight_smile:


The CEC model is designed on establishing a boogeyman and then bashing them. Its been their M.O. since Rush first signed on. AOC is the current flavor of the week. Once a democrat establishes themselves as a front runner for POTUS, you’ll see them switch gears.


Nobody was exiled from anywhere.


Call her up and ask…im sure they will help you out


What would you do without Trump?


Most definitely. Both parties fearmonger, but Donald has transformed the GOP platform in making it central to their foundation:

Who and what to be scared of, and how to get revenge for it.


Sarcasm Man, calibrate thyself.


Start having hope that the pendulum had begun to swing back towards common sense, most likely.


I got it. Just making sure the record is clear.


Its more than fear mongering. It’s about creating a target for their fear and anger and then collectively rallying against it. It’s a strategy that’s been proven effective for decades. Create a boogeyman who is responsible for anything and everything that is limiting the listener’s success in their life, while simultaneously absolving them of any blame.