Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


I’ve seen some of your other post and you appear to often fail to be unable to backup statements with links/verification.


It’s almost like you have no links or backup info. :roll_eyes:


I would say we’re less scared of her skills (which are considerable) than who she represents: old guard Democrats. What happened last night portends a Democratic Party (and nation) that is younger, Browner and one where women have more access to power. The last thing we Dems need is an even deeper fracturing of the party.


Both parties are complete wrecks.

It’s a transition period.


They don’t have vote for her. Why would they do it?


Turns out I have never admitted that I was wrong before on this forum. I was wrong to claim that.



I’m hoping you can explain that to me. My guess is deep, ingrained power structure that feels entitled…?


Do you mean like the stuff they do in San Francisco, when referring to the movie “Deliverance”?


Oh, gay and straight people do that everywhere, with abandon.


She’s part of the old guard. They make the rules; the power structure is geared to benefit them.

Upstart idealistic social democrats have an uphill battle ahead to dethrone them.

What’s more interesting is what the Republican Party could look like in 10 years. I honestly believe the party is going to fracture in the post trump era.


No question about it. And it’s nobody else’s business.


I never claimed that Democrats don’t gerrymander. Republicans are better at it. In 2016, more Americans actually voted more Democratic congressmen. Somehow Republicans still held the majority.


This post made me chuckle.


Well in my home state of Maryland, I was actually surprised that Ben Jealous only won 3 jurisdictions(MoCo, PG and Baltimore City) and lost in many others(HowCo, AACo, BmoreCo, CharlesCo, etc.) that are traditionally blue. At the same time those same blue jurisdictions that didn’t come through for Jealous came through for Ben Cardin for U.S. Senator along with some county’s on the Eastern Shore that are usually Red.
Congrats to Governor Hogan. I will admit him being popular, doing a good job, able to work with a democrat dominated state house, and being anti-trump has helped him greatly. Maryland is still a weird state when it comes to politics though.


No, they wouldn’t have.

For ■■■■■■ sake. As a strained, hypothetical counterfactual, that’s not even that interesting.


That poster is lagging in his game. Sad.


It’s low-wattage bothersiderism. The bulb barely flickers.

Trump tried to run back in 2000 as a pro-choice candidate who believed in universal healthcare. He got nowhere. In 2016, there was no possible way someone like Trump, who has no ability to change his boorish, piggish, misogynistic personality or mask his disdain for expertise, policy, and political institutions, could have succeeded in a Democratic presidential primary.

He’s got a vocabulary of, like, 80 words. He caught his big break in rightwing/Republican politics as a committed birther crackpot; greased the skids by punching immigrants; and won (and maintains his position) by stroking and stoking the worst aspects of the rightwing base. He’s great for Fox and Friends: it’s easy to see him yuk it up with Steve Doocy. It’s impossible to imagine him yukking it up in the morning with Steve Inskeep, who (I am certain) Donald Trump has never heard of.

There’s no counterfactual path to Democratic success for him that’s even remotely plausible. That’s 1). why he ran as a Republican and 2). why he won as a Republican. The Democrats are perfectly capable of nominating a bad candidate or electing an incompetent president. They’re incapable of nominating or electing a buffoon like Donald Trump (with his immutable personal qualities) to be president.


He would not have gotten past the Democratic primary because of the super delegates.


That was my first thought as well. I figured Beto would lose by 7+ points.

Not sure if it’s just the cult of Beto, or if Texas is slowly finally turning a shade of purple. If Dems can actually get their voters to vote in Texas it could be a swing state in next decade.

I also wonder if FL is becoming a lean right state and not a swing state? I thought Nelson and Gillum would both eek it out.


Great post. Right @SneakySFDude?