Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?

I guess for me I thought Cruz would win by a larger margin in Texas, although the DNC poured a ton of Money into Beto. Otherwise it went as most thought it would as far as I can tell. not sure if there were any big takeaways that I could make out.

What do you think?

No real surprises…I took away that Americans want a check on Trump. They want the house to keep him in check.

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I took away a total repudiation of Trump policies and a mandate to destroy them and him and return to the glory days of Benevolent Leader Barack.

Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!

I was surprised that the three states that delivered Trump his victory (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) all elected Democrats for senate and governors. Seems like a big deal.


Dems won the “popular vote” by 7%. The math just doesn’t work in some of the more “Deliverance” areas of the nation.


Also seen no surprises. At least with the democrats winning the House, we can have a government that doesn’t just do whatever Trump wants.

You’re coming along nicely.

It is disappointing to see that voter suppression and borderline criminal behavior work so well in Georgia.


disappointing but not surprising. We sent the federal marshals down there for a reason. Too bad a bunch of lunatics on the SCOTUS felt the South was capable of governing honestly again.

No real surprises. Voting went pretty much as predicted, mixed bag for both parties. Blue wave turned out to be a blue flush, but it will serve as a check against the orange clown so I’m satisfied.

Not a surprise at all, but nice to see Bundy child getting his ass kicked in the Nevada race for governor.

:smiley: None of the above gets more votes that Bundy child.


No real surprises for me. Looks like those who were doing the polling were fairly accurate in most cases from what I can tell so far.

It will still be a very uphill battle to put a check on him. Dems will need to fight like hell.

Yep. Hopefully they’ll avoid screwing it up.

No huge surprises but this is a big victory for Democrats. They took control of the house. That’s huge. Don’t let anyone spin last night as a disappointment for DEMS.


  • Women, women, women. A lot of women were elected and a lot of women voted for Democrats.
  • DEMS made huge gains in important presidential states. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. All states that Hilliary lost and gave Trump the win in 2016.

That is pretty significant.

I’m surprised that the Republicans are silent on that young lady Coterz out of NY being a socialist blah blah blah American value killer

I’m wondering when it will be safe to come out of my bunker. I heard America would be destroyed if she got elected. I haven’t seen the first wave of destruction hit yet…

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There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Kemp stole that election.

A crime of massive proportions that he was allowed to keep his SoS job while running.

No surprises if you’re a objective person who follows mainstream media. They got it right. Partisans on both sides seem surprised because partisanship is what, 60% analysis; 40% hope?