Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


nah, a couple stupid court cases about political gerrymandering gave it to dems.


silly liberal, representation is not proportional. that left and east coast libs vote predominantly dem and run up the totals is not evidence of gerrymandering.


Citation Needed… What case?


Those are something i didn’t know much about.


in PA was a big issue. how many seats were flipped in PA alone? State SC overthrew the map and declared political gerrymandering unconstitutional according to the state constitution. its a silly idea, political gerrymandering is what our system demands and the only way it works.


Um, no. The system does not “demand” districts be drawn to benefit the politicians. It was an unintended consequence of how we formed our system. The states are slowly changing the way redistricting is done to correct this oversight.


It’s awight.


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That’s it in a nutshell.


I know, right…


its not an oversite. we do not have a parliament, we have a congress. this is not a democracy, its a republic. Only a complete idiot would claim political gerrymandering is not “allowed” under our constitution as any way a district is formed it is gerrymandered top some purpose. If the founders had wanted us to have proportional representation, they would have created a parliamentary democracy, they certainly knew what one was.


psssttt… mel watts legacy district no longer exists.


don’t know whats shocking about it, nc is purplish red, not deep red. eastern nc still believes democrats can be conservative and charlotte is turning into a liberal loon haven.


A republic is a form of democracy. I didn’t say it wasn’t allowed; I said it wasn’t intended.


i know, right?


Who told you that?


So they did want to suppress people’s votes?


You think the founders didn’t know that 51-49 in the ballot box = 1-0 in the Congress? Of course they did. If they wanted proportional representation they would have formed a parliament. They didn’t, they formed a Congress. Then they doubled down on insuring we would not have proportional representation by making the Senate the upper house and allowing state legislatures to appoint Senators pretty much insuring that 51-49 at the ballot box in the legislature would equal 2-0 in the Senate.