Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


The dems gerrymandered Pennsylvania. Here’s what we know for sure. Both parties would gerrymander the hell out of entire country if they thought they could get away with it. In a heartbeat. Unless you actually believe that the dems have waaaay too much integrity for such things. :joy:


Repeating myself, but VA-7, Abigail Spanberger defeated former Tea Party darling Dave Brat.

She ran a solid campaign, focusing on issues, her record, her background, and pegging Brat as a typical money-grabbing Republican who liked special interests.

Brat spent his TV dollars on trying to associate her with a high school named “Terror High” that she subbed in. It was named that because apparently one of the students ended up trying to kill GW Bush. Then he tried to link her to Nancy Pelosi, claiming all of these things she did, when she hadn’t even been in office.

Was glad VA quickly snuffed out ardent Trump supporter Corey Steward, who ran racist ad after racist ad about the caravan and how all of these murderers will be coming into the US to vote, go on welfare, etc. and that Tim Kaine wants these people here.


And they won’t. Pelosi does what donors tell her too. And seen many idiot Trump supporters on forums say that Pelosi is a socialist, what a joke.


i was shocked by North Carolina.

i became a student of the politics in that state when the Republicans won their Super Majority. i was shocked that their citizens voted in enough Democrats to break the Republican Super Majority.

Before last night…
75-45 for the GOP in the state House
35-15 for the GOP in the state Senate

After last night…
66-54 for the GOP in the state House
29-21 for the GOP in the state Senate


4-3: Democrats’ majority on the NC Supreme Court, 2018.
5-2: Democrats’ majority on the NC Supreme Court, 2019.


Just trying to helpful.


How about his kind words for Pelosi?


Yes, he is. They would have voted for him at the same percentage with a (D) behind his name.

Watch the turn now.


No you’re not.


Call me Beto.


I admitted I was wrong this morning. You?


I admit that I’m wrong in one way or another every day. It isn’t an issue for me.


:rofl: not hardly, but I like it.

It’s not over the top, it’s a simple statement of fact.

Cruz is canadian.


Of course I am.


Virtue signaling - I did it in writing on this forum. You.


I have often admitted that I am wrong on this forum.

Choosing not to be a smug, superior ■■■■■■■ all of the time isn’t virtue signaling.


I two kind words.

She’s kind of crazy.
And the entire democratic party is kind of scared of her





I prefer that you not believe me. It’ll help you keep your tone consistent.


Imagine that.


Well, to be honest, the search function scares me, because the few times I’ve used it, it hasn’t given me what I was searching for, and as I was trying to use it, I thought, Wait, who am I trying to impress again? I’m literally running an errand for a total stranger, who will likely just parse away my post anyway.

And then I thought, Do I even want him to believe me?

And my next thought was: No. I would be happier if he didn’t.

So then I made that post that you just read, Your Honor. And that’s just about everything that happened between the beginning and the end.