Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


No. That’s stupid. NYC rejected Trump politically by massive percentages (80%-90%).

He is the walking embodiment of the values of those who voted for him and love, support, or enable him: that is, American Republicans, American conservatives, and other Trump voters. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Correct! Our Dear Leader Obama will return in a hail of Glory. Vermin like Trump will be swept up into the dustbin of history.


Least Ohio doesnt have to deal with the embarrassment of having a stupid meme as senator.


Ooh. Another Wisconsin gal?

What’s funny is that trump just had his stupid rally here for Walker and Vukmir, and they both lost. Lol


Yes. O’sneaky has a hard time admitting that.


Expect to have your “facts” and “logical arguments” flooded away with repetitive spam.


If a person never admits he’s wrong, then he’s always right.


Are you kidding? Austin is cut up into six different districts.


The Word made flesh!


Vermin supreme 2020 cause weve done worse.


A simple google search of course confirms your post. He’s clearly not from Texas, which makes his mistake entirely understandable.


Is +36 a ripple?

Guess that would depend on you definition I guess.

The dems turned out many an incumbent.

I’m sure if you ask them on the unemployment line starting in January.

You might get a different answer.



Which is why @SneakySFDude old boy, they rejected his boy Donovan in of all places, Staten Island.

Trump and his values are universally loathed in New York and it’s burbs.



Yep. Just south of Madison. :slight_smile:


Didn’t Mia distance herself from President Trump?


Ooh, so am I. :slight_smile:


Did some slick talking NYer steal a woman from you at one time - every time you see NY in a post you gotta say that - its over the top.

And dont forget what an imbecile like trump did to your boy Cruz when he talked about NYC values…

  I think trump still got his balls in his back pocket...


Agreed. Democrats have some skin in the game now and voters they have to answer to. The entertainment value is going to be enormous as they try to spin and deflect. :popcorn:


My biggest takeaway is how successfully Republicans have gerrymandered the political map. In 2010, Republicans got 6.7% more votes and gained 63 House seats. This year, Democrats got 7.0% more votes but have only gained about 26 seats.

Also, the Senate is fundamentally unfair for Democrats. There’s just more small conservative states than small liberal states. It’s going to be very hard to overcome that in the future.


We could sell some of those small states to China. We could toss in the people for free.