Anti ISIL Operation Kills Leader in Idlib

What is Biden hoping? That ISIL will have no leader now and everyone will live in peace?

That is how it has always worked in the past, isn’t it?

May be. But what if he was targeted because he was the leader of a mass murdering group and is therefore a mass murderer. Is that a good reason?

Mohammed Bowelmovah Abdullah da hut is next in line to lead.


What will change? Do they have a shortage of mass murderers to replace him?

I certainly shed no tears that he’s dead, but your celebration is for what? What will change?

Over the years we have learned that the next in line to head these terror groups on average are a step in our favor. New leaders tend to be more brazen and less concerned with their security. It has helped us over time to help reduce leadership. Biden is just as aware as any POTUS that there will be no peace. And I think that if we knew the whole story, we would be surprised at how many plots against our country have been thwarted over the years.

I though Trump defeated ISIS?

I assume Biden is hoping that without leadership ISIL will be easy for the Kurds to kill, hence why America has been actively killing ISL leadership since it was founded.

Attacking the leadership of ISIL makes them easier for our partners on the ground to maintain their borders.

those partners being the Kurdish free state known as the nation of Rojava.

Children are collateral damage, have been sine Bush.

Remember when Trump faced a Grand Jury when he ordered a raid that resulted in the death of two American children…

oh wait.

remember what a monster he was in your precious media?

now why not Biden?

yeah. “oh wait”

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oh well. huh?

i dont either

but man… when this occurs under a republican, there’s no end to the outrage

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oh well…doop dee doop dee doo

I had no issue with Trump killing ISIS.
I had issue with Trump abandoning the Kurds because Turkey wanted to bomb them.

welcome to the war on terrorism.

where everyone is collateral damage, and males over the age of 18 is classed as enemy combatant.

this has been going on for two decades.

This was a bad dude that needed to be either captured for Intel or greased. Apparently he knew far too much and the lengthy body of his work so he chose to not only kill himself but his family as well.
I’m sure he’s been a priority for a while. Giving SOG the green light at a time when things, well they’re really not going well for Ol Joey from Scranton, so yes I’d say the timing is suspicious.
But J’Biden giving orders? Doubt it, that cement head is only giving orders for either Tapioca or Rice pudding for dessert!

this isn’t about you tho

So…he’s just like the last guy?