Anti ISIL Operation Kills Leader in Idlib

Yep, my thinking as well.

Or bombing an aspirin factory when caught lying under oath.

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Hey he bombed some tents and sand too! Clever like a … fox!

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Your point?

There’s only another target. :wink:

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i answered it so hard i guess you missed the answer

yes, wag the dog, but in extreme total fashion because that is the only scope this child administration has

thank you. another thinking man!

i feel your pain.

which then was followed by criticism in the media. of course

so strategic, politically huh?.

Just a quick English point. But no you didn’t answer my question the first time. You made a broad based belittling of the Biden administration…but you didn’t say that you actually believed it was a “Wag the dog” situation. It felt more like an implication, but leaving yourself open to “I never actually said it was a wag the doge situation.” That’s just how I took the first response. But no big deal.

if you ever want to discuss the topic again lemme know


Okay. Do you think that Biden made our Intelligence finally find the top ISIL leader because he was down in the polls. Or they had him targeted but he finally gave the go ahead because he’s down in the polls? Those are pretty much the options you’re presenting.

What I really want to talk about is how it seems so far that our strike did not come from Turkey. Who controls that area of Idlib. I’m still waiting on those details, but US helicopters were videoed in a section of SDF territory before and after the strike. An airbase we ceded to Russia/Assad/Iran back in 2019 that we haven’t used since. If that’s accurate we worked with Russia and not Turkey to take out someone in Turkish territory.

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haha. cute. but sorry. not stupid. use this narrative on your fools. it wont work with me

here’s some details…

the raid resulted in the death of several young children

thumbs up boss.

Did biden have to plan it to approve and order it??

Didn’t they have Intel about all the kids there??

Has he ordered any strikes that haven’t killed a bunch of kids??


nothing helps a democrat like killing a bunch of little kids

it’s like tomorrow Biden was facing questions from a grand jury about a fat chick in a blue dress


I do not hold the military responsible for that. Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi set off his own explosive vest and other explosives in the house.

But even if USA bullets had caused collateral damage in that raid, it’s time to stop letting terrorists get away with using human shields. And it’s time to stop letting the media drive that narrative.

War is hell.


Mid terms are just around the corner. Gotta act tough and manly. Have to distract from the realities/failures of the first year.


I’m sure midterms in nine months were the driving factor. Might as well say it was to take away attention from that bridge collapsing or Hunter Biden’s art sales.

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Dems are in trouble and they know it.


He may have pulled the trigger too soon. The retaliatory embassy bombing will probably happen just as campaigning revs up.