Another golden opportunity missed by republicans


This paragraph is completely untrue, ignoring ~40 comments in your own thread that refute it; do you enjoy embarrassing yourself like this, acting like some weird robot that ignores everyone and keeps spamming the same post?


What post was I responding to? It was the one that said the wall was Donald’s Moby Dick. My comment is a play on the first three words of Herman Melville’s novel, even though if we’re being technical Donald would more accurately be linked to Captain Ahab in this particular scenario, and not Ishmael.

Apologies if this confused you in any way whatsoever. You have a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. :kissing_closed_eyes:


They have offered a homeland security appropriations bill that includes…

…wait for it…

…$1.3 billion for border fencing.

You’re entire thread is built on a complete falsehood.


A question cannot be a falsehood. It can only be a question. How about this one?

Hey Chucky, Before Trump, you were in favor of an enhanced physical barrier to protect our southern border. Are you still in favor? If not then why?


The answer is yes, he has offered over a billion in funding for border fencing/physical barriers. No need to ask him. Educate yourself.


Republicans missed a golden opportunity when they took a knee for Donald in 2016. He’s certainly branded the party as his own.




How about this:

Wait for it………

Hey Chucky, how much barrier can be built with 1.3 billion? What do you hope to accomplish with such a tiny piece of fence, wall, barrier or what ever you choose to call it.


That’s optimistic.


]Call it what you will. But Chuck is opposed to any physical barrier now. Before he was in favor. Why?

So you’re wrong about both Schumer being for Trump’s wall and you’re also wrong about him being “opposed to any physical barrier.” The Democrats’ proposal that they offered Trump includes . . . wait for it . . . funding for fencing and physical barriers.

How hard to you have to try to create a thread based on comically false premises to make arguments this bad? Don’t answer. It’s a rhetorical question. :slight_smile:


Straight from the horse’s mouth on December 6th:

Now there has been some confusion about that figure. Let me be clear: the $1.6 billion cannot be used to construct any part of President Trump’s 30-foot-tall concrete border wall. It can only be used for fencing, using technology currently deployed at the border, and only where the experts say fencing is appropriate and makes sense as a security feature. This is something Democrats have always been for – smart, effective, appropriate border security.

So I even underestimated it. It was $1.6 billion.


Hey, look! There go the goal posts!

Bye, Felicia!


Yeah. We missed a golden opportunity to have elected someone who would not have created the best economy in the history of the U.S. You’re a funny guy Blackie. :joy:


Faster and better worded, too. Damn you adroit. Do you have to be so gosh darn . . . . adroit all the time?


By what metric, the national debt?



To be honest. I do like my original question better. I’m just trying to phrase it in a way that does not make y’all hysterical. It’s seems that y’all just don’t want Chucky to be embarrassed. I get that.

Bye, Lakisha!


What fantasy world do you live in. By what metric, ANY, can you call this the best economy in the history of the US? Seriously, I can rattle off a few off the top of my head where that’s demonstrably false:

GDP growth
Jobs created
Stock Market growth
Real median wage growth
Unemployment rate


He ■■■■■■■ destroyed your OP on the Senate floor on December 6th.


It’s more of a question than an OP. He destroyed my question? Funny, because I have yet to hear anyone ask him the question.