Another golden opportunity missed by republicans

The President had Pelosi and Schumer in front of the cameras and he let them off the hook. He failed to ask them the obvious question. In a forum where they could not dodge it. Why did he not ask: Before I became president, you were in favor of tough border security, screening and a strong physical barrier to prevent illegal entry." After I was elected, you changed your mind. Why did you change your mind?

He had a chance to do this face to face and he blew it. Mark my words. The republicans will let them off the hook without asking them to explain this a single time. Why the hell would they let this golden opportunity slip through their hands? Because they are republicans. That’s what they do.

Border security =/= a wall


He should have asked them why they are no longer in favor of =/= a wall. Cuz they said they were. I’m not surprised that you didn’t know. The left wing media doesn’t want you to know and the republicans are too stooopid to ask.

The end. That’s the first thing that I thought, too. I’m pretty sure Pelosi said something to that effect in the meeting as well.

But yes, golden opportunity, etc.

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GWB is their leader!!

The President is the one who has reduced the issue to simply “a wall”.

The democrats have already presented packages with comprehensive border security which were rejected. And they still want to do so.

It is Trump’s inability to move past his “big beautiful wall” that is the problem. He is obsessed with what has always been a silly and symbolic campaign promise.


There was a 2013 bill that addressed border security. House Republicans said no.

Does he want it in his standard gold ornate Trump trim?

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The Wall has become Trump’s Moby Dick.



I would agree they missed a golden opportunity - however, the timing of that golden opportunity was during the primaries in 2016.


Not true. No democratic leader has said that this is why they have changed their minds on the wall. None. You are attempting to speak for them.

Of course they have.

I would ask them why they have changed their minds on the wall. That way, we don’t have to assume or speak for them. It’s a simple common sense question.

Since I do not remember either of them previously saying that they were in favor of a wall, a link would be helpful. Thanks.

I think Donald understood that asking such a question would have made him appear foolish, therefore he wisely kept those musings to himself.

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Since you have this all figured out.
If Chuck was asked why he changed his mind, what would be his incredibly embarrassing reply?

I know you do not remember that. Your media sources do not provide you with this information. They purposely withhold these things from you. FOX has run several videos where they talk about physical barriers. I can search the web. But so can you. If I feel like it, I may do a web search. But I encourage you to do the same.

Sheesh, pay attention. From the very meeting you are whining about:

SCHUMER: But that’s not the point here. We have a disagreement about the wall

SCHUMER: Whether it’s effective or it isn’t. Not on border security, but on the wall.

SCHUMER: Yes, let me say something, Mr. President. You just say, my way or we’ll shut down the government. We have a proposal that Democrats and Republicans will support to do a C.R. that will not shut down the government. We urge you to take it.

TRUMP: And if it’s not good border security, I won’t take (ph) it.

SCHUMER: It is very good border security.

It only is about a wall to him, border security is second. He will reject anything that doesn’t have his “big beautiful wall” campaign slogan, that got 10 feet higher when Mexico DID NOT pay for it.


First of all you have no idea what my media sources are. I do watch and read Fox News. And while I remember both Pelosi and Schumer talking about border security, I do not remember either being in favor of a Trump type wall. And I can find a reference to it in my searches I just did. So I will call BS on your claim but look forward to you proving me wrong.

Irrelevant. Wall is irrelevant. Border security is relevant and we had a chance at it in 2013. Radical right wingers of the House said no.